so now I know how to post blogs - now I need to figure out what to say and when to say it.

Today is March 31 2012.   Sitting in my trailer in Puerto Penasco Mexico, and my life has interesting aspects that I am sharing as we all look to the value of the EARTH Hour event - when we turn out the lights for one hour.  Just to get the attention of the people - the Earth needs our attention.  SOME  WOULD SAY THE EARTH HAS OUR ATTENTION.  Much like the Occupy movement.   And maybe even the Cultural Creative movement.  

But what has escaped ALL of these movements so far is the value of the ISO 26000 Standard.  We have the peoples attention - but not the Corporations Attentions.  THIS is what the ISO 26000 Standard can do.  How many corporations are participating in the ONE hour event?   and do they do so with the ISO 26000 as their reason ?   no.  they do it, if they do it, as a GREENWASH technique.   

The value of greenwashing is it slows down commitment to change.  As does Earth Hour - only because it has the WWF Logo at the end of it.    Many will not find this curious at all.  And the only reason I find it curious is that the WWF was highly involved with the ISO 26000 Standard.   The implications you may find curious.  And they indeed demonstrate my fixation with the problem.  How do we get more people to be educated in what needs to be done - locally and globally.  The ISO 26000 contains 170 world standards that we ought to have some knowledge about - at least in our area of involvement.  Sure 100 plus pages  is a lot to digest.   But what if it just came down to ten questions you need to ask yourself.   And that is what the homeplanet virtual university is attempting.  

You can get Homeplanet Trading Units right now - even before they are published.  The value add to the first 24000 HTU's is not fully in place - as we will be adding benefits as we proceed.  here is how you can participate.

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