Senator Kennedys Legacy Will he inspire congress to honor his Legacy and Pass Healthcare Reform? copy and paste this link to sign petition asking congress to name the healthcare reform legislation after him!
31 cents of every health care dollar spent is wasted on administrative expenses and insurer profits in the US system. This is why the US spends double what other industialized nations spend on health care yet has worse outcomes. We need to save that money and spend it on better health care for you, me, and all Americans. Our system is sick and dying, and this is the cure.
2,000 people daily file for bankruptcy listing unpaid medical bills as the primary reason.... many of these people are underinsured and most are amongst the 48 million people without insurance.
Fifty billion dollars a year is spent by the insurance industry in avoiding payment of medical claims to the underinsured. 1.4 millions is being spent to lobby congress.
I repeat 31 cents of every healthcare dollar is not spent on healthcare. Per capita we spend more than $7000 a year yet we rank 37th in the world in quality of healthcare just ahead of Costa Rica. we spend 2 trillion a year now if the insurance industry continues its virtual monopoly by 2014 we will spend 4 trillion. That means your premiums will be twice what they are now. In the Republican party except for Congressmen Ron Paul there are no fiscal conservatives. Everyone of the the Democrats who cosponsered
house bill 676 single payer healthcare (93 members) they are fiscal responsible congressmen/congresswomen.
What would you think about a health care system that actually works for everybody, costs billions of dollars less, provides greater coverage, truly protects you from financial ruin due to medical bills, improves quality, increases innovation, and returns medical decisions to you and your doctor instead of some claims adjuster at an insurance company 1,000 miles away.
The most important piece of legislation in America today, with nearly 100 cosponsors in the house, H.R.676 is the only health care bill that will truly reform our tragically broken health care system.
I have Health Insurance. To the people who do have health insurance 10% of your premium dollar is spent paying the hospitals A 10 % surcharge is charged to subsidize the people who visit the emergency room and can not afford to pay for the treament they recieve. I have more videos uploaded there
The first step toward to a single payer system would be a public option.
202 360 4444
Al Rogers

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Comment by jimmsfairytales0com on August 28, 2009 at 6:32am
Thanks for this blog! Most people in the USA have been fooled into believing that better care means greater expense. I have just returned from a trip to the USA, and the lack of insight into this whole business is startling. Meanwhile, the "health reform" that Obama and his friends in Congress have been pushing DOES mean more spending = even bigger profits for the health insurance companies.


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