(an excerpt from "Language of Letting Go- daily mediations"- By Melanie Beattie
"Things derive their being and nature from mutual dependence and are nothing by themselves." ~Nagarjuna Photobucket
We are dependent on so much around us, not just for our survival, but for our joy. We need food, water and the company of our fellow travelers on this great journey.
We can be self-sufficient in our attitude to take care of ourselves, yet we need the world around us in order to live and be fully alive. We are part of one whole. We are a complete part, but nonetheless, a part. We need the other parts. The other parts need us.

Just as we're influenced and impacted by those who touch us, we influence and impact them with our thoughts, words, and behaviors. We cannot control others. Look at the difference in our relationships when we speak gently and lovingly, and when we scream.

While it is great to revel in the blessing of existence, the world becomes more interesting and alive when we recognize everyone and everything else in it, too. This body cannot be without the sustenance of food, and our soul's experience here would be greatly reduced were it not for the company of other spirits we have met.

While we do not need to live up to anyone's expectations of us, we need to remember that our actions will impact those around us. Yes, we have the liberty to think, feel and behave however we choose. But what we do will touch the lives of others. We are not responsible for other people. But we have responsibilities to them.

Revel in your freedom. But revere and honor your connection to the world around you. Take responsibility for how you touch and connect with everything and everyone in your life.

Live reverently, compassionately, and respectfully toward yourself and all else in the world.

God, give me reverence and respect for all life.


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