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Three Pillars To Enhance Your Resilience And Positive Impact
"The happiest and most successful people are those who are resilient in the face of life’s challenges."
The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the Three Pillars of Resilience along with reflection questions that will empower you with enhanced clarity, confidence, courage, and joy in your life, work, and relationships.
Resilient people who are able to face and overcome difficulties are often viewed as those born with a fearless nature or who are perhaps just plain lucky, but the reality is that resilience has nothing to do with luck and is certainly not an inherent trait, but rather it is a learned state that can be developed and fostered over time.
“Are you living by default or by design?"
Resilience is an internal resource of psychological capital that is accessible to anyone willing to put in the effort to develop and foster it and is a direct byproduct of strategic principles and practices applied mindfully every day.
The pillars you’ll discover here are both simple to understand and implement, and when sincerely applied will have the power to challenge your assumptions about your experiences up until now and will support you on a meaningful journey for lifelong growth and transformation.
Three Pillars To Enhance Your Resilience
“Frustration focuses on problems while fascination focuses on possibilities."
Pillar #1: MINDSET 
In my work with emerging adults, it’s typical to hear sighs of frustration along with a laundry list of problems: “I’m not talented,” “I don’t have the right opportunities,” “I’m just not lucky,” and the list goes on and on. Yet these self-limiting beliefs can be transformed into self-empowerment by choosing to engage in the right kind of mindset.
A positive and open growth mindset is a pillar of resilience because it engages you in possibility thinking rather than limiting thinking, offering possibilities, fascination, and clarity—whereas a negative and closed fixed mindset offers problems, frustration, and confusion.
Pillar #1 Application Reflection: How can you become fascinated by possibilities rather than frustrated by problems?
“Confident people are empowered with resilience not because of what they do, but because of who they are."
Pillar #2: PURPOSE
When I speak professionally, I’m often approached with variations of the phrase, “I don’t know what I want to do with my life,” or “I know what I want to do, I just don’t know how to do it.” 
When this is voiced, I ask an important clarifying question “It sounds like you’ve considered what you want to do, but have you also considered who you want to be?”
You can almost see their head explode in that moment, like they just discovered a missing piece to a long unsolved puzzle. To help maintain focus, I then ask, “How is what you are currently doing reflecting who you are, your core values and personal mission?”
After a long pause and a drawn-out stare, I encourage them to mindfully reflect on it before choosing a life path because unless what you do dances in harmony with who you are, you are destined to give up when the going gets tough.
I also offer them a complimentary 30-Minute Positivity Breakthrough Session to encourage them to lean in and start a deeper conversation.
Pillar #2 Application Reflection: How is what you are doing reflecting who you are?
“The most resilient people are encouraged by high value relationships."
Your ability to face and overcome challenges can never be done alone. It takes a team of valuable social support. These relationships span in all directions:
  • Your relationship with your peers, the people you can mutually relate to.
  • Your relationship with people you influence, the people you mindfully add value to.
  • Your relationship with your mentors, the people you look up to because of who they are, where they’ve been, what they’ve done, and what they share with you.
  • Your relationship with yourself, the only person who is guaranteed to stick with you no matter what (your relationship with this person will need extra special care!)
As a pillar of resilience, positive relationships provide encouraging social support—people to celebrate with you during victories and people to remind you of your value when you have forgotten. Somedays you will be the one who needs the support while other days you will be the one who is called to offer encouragement. Either way, in order to empower yourself with the highest level of resilience to face and overcome even the most difficult of life’s challenges, it takes more than just the right mindset and right purpose; it takes the right relationships too.
Pillar #3 Application Reflection: What high value relationships are you fostering?
Final Thoughts
When you are engaged with the right mindset, empowered with the right purpose, and encouraged with the right relationships, you become transformed into what I call a “Positivity Leader,” someone like you and the people you influence who have taken ownership of their life experiences for lifelong clarity, confidence, and courage.
I sincerely hope that these three pillars have engaged your MINDSET, empowered your sense of PURPOSE, and encouraged you to seek meaningful positive RELATIONSHIPS in your journey to let resiliency set you free in the face of life’s challenges.
If you are ready to transform your life, work, and relationships, or would like guidance to help the people you influence, then contact me directly by email at to request your Complimentary 30-Minute Positivity Breakthrough Session.

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Jonas Cain is a Learning Experience Designer and Facilitator of Fascination for Hashtag Positivity, providing valuable social emotional knowledge, skills, resources, and support to emerging leaders and their influencers to help them enter the next chapter of their lives with clarity, confidence, courage, and joy.

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