My personal contribution to the International Day of Peace is clearing out all things that no longer serve me. 

It began again 2 days ago. I am home for a week off of my tour schedule and I want to make a difference at home like I feel I do on the road. Upon each return to my husband and our home my question is: "How can I make our life better this trip?" This time the answer was loud and clear, "Let Go, Release, Purge!" I knew this meant old stuff, clutter, meaningless bits of crap laying around etc. But I had an inkling it meant more than that. I get to clear out old ideas as well. I get to release old feelings! Well letting go of stuff certainly churned the pit of loss in my gut.  Both my husband and I felt immediately overwhelmed. Both of us felt angry! When we talked about it we concluded that we were grieving! We get to grieve the loss of the old stuff AND our attachment to it all! We get to get angry at ourselves for believing in lack to the extent that we would buy all that stuff to begin with! a deeply discounted price of course! We get to grieve our pride in finding those great deals on stuff we never really needed, stuff we bought to fill a void-a longing, stuff that now was taking over our lives!  We get to grieve all of this because it is NOT even who we are anymore, but because it was who we used to be, we get to grieve.


While one room at a time begins to breathe new life in it's emptiness one toxic emotion at a time is also released in the form of tears. I believe this is what we as a nation are doing right now. We are letting go of all that no longer serves our country. And as "old dreams die hard" we are no longer able to identify with our past definition of who we are. We are NOT our labels-democrat, republican, liberal, conservative. We are NOT our race-we are more and more blended all the time! We are NOT our religion-even what we believe is being tested and asked to change! We are NOT us or them! We are NOT our stories!  So who am I without my label?? Who am I without my story? Who am I without my past??   When we release all we are NOT, we come closer to who we are. We are human beings connected to one another through Spirit. We can choose who we are at any given moment. We get to make it up as we go along!  By deciding again and again can decide to work together for the greater good of all. We can chose cooperation instead of competition. We will choose compassion instead of blame. We will heal. When we ask "How best can I serve today?" and act upon the answer received naturally all of our concerns and challenges will be met on a higher playing field than if we ask "How can I make $$?"  And of course the more "In Service" I am. the more abundance I receive and the more peace is created from the inside out! That IS where it starts after all!

Happy International Peace Day! Let's all release what no longer serves us to make way for the new, bright and shining promise of tomorrow!

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