Positive 2012 Prophecies At Last! "2012-We're Already In It" Winner: 2009 EBE Award & 2009 Silver Sierra Award

"2012 - We're Already In It"
In times like these, movies with a Positive message are more important than ever!
2012, Crop Circles, UFOs & Ascension. This is an exquisite & illuminating Award Winning Movie.
This film speaks boldly of the dual aspects of our current world, yet focuses more on the beauty of what is just within our reach. It brings to light the mysteries of our shifting realities, highlighting the many aspects of extra-terrestial life, communications from other worlds, the Crop Circle phenomena, and other intriguing questions we have finally begun to ask.
This movie offers a rich medley of interpretations of the Mayan Prophecies, blended with proven scientific probabilities. Addressing many signs of potential upcoming events & challenges for our planet, it offer a positive approach & potentially brilliant solutions.
Is 2012 going to be a Blissful Rebirth for Humanity - Or is doom and gloom headed our way?
Is this just another Y2K (consumer) scare - or could the 2012ologists be right?
One thing we all agree on : Your Thoughts Create Your Reality
Beautifully crafted & filmed in the Crop Circles & Ancient Stone Formations of Southern England by American film maker Patty Greer.

* Reviews * "2012 - We're Already In It"
"Many filmmakers try to capture the essence of the crop circle phenomena and usually with mixed results. This is where Patty Greer breaks leaps ahead of the pack and takes the far lead, with her beautifully crafted documentary on 2012. She not only documents the phenomena, she also captures the loving essence of the beings who no doubt create them, as well as their enlightened messages to us.
On a scale of 1-10, this is a 20-12!"
Marshall Masters - Cut to the Chase Internet Radio - 2009
"Patty Greer has really created a masterpiece in this work. She has such depth of vision and heart that she manages to help the viewer face the unknown with certainty and love for our planet - and others, we still have not remembered! It is an honor to be part of it."
Patricia Cori - International Author - Rome 2009
"A Critically Acclaimed Masterpiece! July 22, 2009
Patty Greer's latest award winning documentary "2012 - We're Already In It" provides a critical and timely wake up call that is both positive and unforgettable.
This is a brilliant award winning film that engages the viewer and provides guidance and understanding about where we are, and where we're headed on the way to 2012.
Patty Greer blends her work on the phenomena of Crop Circles and uses her investigative expertise to document current events that offer hope over the gloom and doom associated with 2012.
This is a "Keeper" worthy of being featured on Discovery, The History Channel, and shown in local theaters nationwide."
Harry Drew CRS, Documentarion


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