One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.
True Revolution has nothing to do with this.
True Revolution begins within,
not just Huffington and puffing
and hoping they'll cave in.
True Revolution is a social sin
when your social norm is the scene you're in.
Mr. Brown, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Brown’s mortgage is upside down.
Mrs. Brown's been deported out of town
while parties get hijacked by circus clowns,
making balloon animals appointed to run Michigan towns.

Sick little fishes trapped in a bowl,
owned by Star Bellied Sneetches who buy and sell souls,
in derivitative markets at the 18th hole.
So tell me something I don’t already know.
Do you know what happens when the arrow leaves the bow?
Its stays on a trajectory, thinking it has free will.
It turns on the news and asks, “Are they occupying still?”
We have yet to get through. Try throwing a shoe
in the land of the mad there is so much left to do.
Blame your mother, blame the church, blame the schools, blame the Jews.
Or snap out of that trap and realize it’s all YOU.
You are the one percent, you are the government,
you are the one who gives away your consent.
You are the messiah who is ten minutes late.
You are the one who has a big date,
a date with fate while the hours getting late.
Stop eating the delicious poison served on that plate.
Don’t let the Fox in socks in who mocks you make you irate.
Hop on Pop and smash the State.
Oh, the places you will go!
Oh, the places you will go!
When you realize that it is YOU -
you are the one to march to with your list of demands.
If you’d just stop listening to the noise of the band,
I’m trying to tell you, I hope you understand –
you are the one holding a winning hand.
So make waking up your one demand –
and the sound of your voice will be bigger
than a single grain of sand.



- Eric Allen Bell