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The year- 2020, after a global convergence into a Christ Consciousness...

WE are the forerunners to this event and I believe WE can exemplify ourselves in that fashion right here, right now!

There was a television set in the flat where the Beloveds were staying. Stefan thought it would be interesting and fun to snuggle together with his little family and experience whatever was going on in that department of entertainment and broadcasting. Even baby Solomon was all eyes and ears when his dad switched on the set.

The first thing that appeared on the screen was a food channel about vegetarianism and the different foods that give balance to a diet. The New Earth and all its occupants had transformed into a spiritual confirmation that it would be vital to their all around health and well being to cleanse their bodies from all animal substances. This particular program was hosted by a flamboyantly humorous character, decked in colorful and fun attire, making it a sheer delight to watch and learn from. The foods were fresh grown from his small personal gardens that were organized cleverly in circled rows, in order to enhance the nutritional energies within the plants. The host suggested eating the vegetables ripe right off the vines and stems, yet demonstrated wonderful recipes and unique combinations for the best possible nutritional balance. He suggested keeping a continuing compost of all scrapes and discards allowing for the needed fertilizer to keep the soil organically fertile. There was a wide range of variety in the many different plants, trees, sprouts, vines, herbs, and roots being cultivated by one person that could easily feed a family of four or more. Stefan and Sahara knew the one plant missing that they would be able to complete the list, for additional means of protein requirements, and they made note to get in touch with this person to share the good news about how to grow a selected species of micro algae. Most people knew of its existence, yet had not known how they could grow it themselves. Of course, a spore would be needed to begin with, and they had been able to design a way to transport some for the trip to share with this side of the planet.

The next station they switched to was focused on true testimonies from people who were designing unique ways of living, according to their intuitive directives to volunteer services, geographical locations to dwell and serve, and networking throughout the planet with others associated to the same type of servicing. Stefan and Sahara were amazed at how swiftly the planet and its residents were adapting and moving forward.


Another channel was all about the wildlife: mammals, fish, and birds. Documentaries showing the evolved ways that they had all transformed from predator/ prey to living in perfect harmony and peace together. There were people on the program who could communicate clearly with all wildlife and at this time was focused on questions and answers concerning the many changes in attitudes, perspectives, and sustenance adaptabilities. One main question was about how the planet would be balanced and maintained now that everything would be surviving longer lives and still procreating regularly. It was the dolphins that seemed to know the deeper answers to these kind of questions and it was an adult female dolphin that offered this answer.

“Procreation will slow down to accommodate the New Earth’s peace treaty amongst all living things. The only reason there was ever baby booms going on was to replenish the souls who checked out in droves due to wars, plagues, accidents, and fatal addictions. The same was with the wildlife. Now, a natural reversal will take place as the sperm to the egg will slow to points of keeping a perfect balance to what the planet can care for, and in reality, that is a large amount. It only seemed difficult to feed and care for everyone simply because of mismanagement, greed, and disbelief. As for the pestilences such as insects, poisonous creatures, sharks, etc., they will all be evolving away from any and all harmful expressions into other ways to keep the ecology in balance. We are all rejoicing for the chance to experience this planet the way it was originally intended.”

And then finally a cartoon channel popped up, as Solomon registered his attention in obvious request to linger there for a while. The characters were in the arena of the “Care Bears” with delightful music and lyrics. The story line kept to encouragements and examples of listening from within in order to make personal decisions of how to care for oneself, as well as help and serve others. Solomon swayed to the music and giggled at the funny ways the characters interrelated in song and dance. It was a sheer delight to watch him watching them.

All in all, every broadcast was created with eloquence and edification to what was the best and highest purpose: uniting the planet together harmoniously in peace, productivity, and love.

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