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Dear Peacemakers,

You may have recently seen this wonderful picture of one of the largest Human Peace signs ever organized...

The picture is from Stewart park in Ithaca NY on June 22, 2008. Almost 6000 people gathered to make this incredible visual example of Peace possible. Aside from being a social networking site for us to Unify and make the World a better place, MyPeace.TV is an evolving visual example of People Co-Creating Peace through Media. It is an example and it is a statement made by well over 4000 of us Worldwide, saying "Together, we can use all forms of Media to Create a better, more Peaceful and Happier World!". How powerful of a statement will be made when there are 10000? 100000? 1000000 members on MyPeace.TV? If each one of us takes a small action to spread the word, then many small actions will become one big, beautiful, collective effort.

So will you join in on spreading the word? :)
(If you already have--Thank you!)

Here are a few things we could each do:

1) If you're on Facebook, join our Fan Page Here.
(Click on "Suggest to Friends" from the menu and spread the word to all your friends!)

2) We now have a new tool/app to easily share MyPeace.TV profile pages, videos, blogs, status updates, pictures, and discussions with all your friends on Facebook! Simply click on the Facebook icon below the video, blog, picture, discussion, profile page photo, or status update.

3) Email all your contacts and invite them to MyPeace.TV, or use our Invitation tool.

4) On Facebook, Twitter and other sites; Share our YouTube promo video:

5) On Facebook, Twitter and other sites; Post the link to http://MyPeace.TV

6) Promote your MyPeace.TV Profile Page, and let the World know what Peace means to

Thank you for reading, and thank you to All of you who have and will continue to
spread the word about MyPeace.TV!

With Love and Gratitude,
The MyPeace.TV Team

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