We are coming into the season of Thanks Giving, Peace and Gratitude and the Nobel Peace Awards are just around the corner.

We want to know IF you were presenting at the Nobel Peace Concert with members of your place of worship, school, family or business and were only given 10 seconds each to express/embody a state of PEACE what would you share with the 2009 Nobel Peace recipient, Oslo, Norway guests and world?

Would it be a song, a chant, a meditation, a stress reduction exercises, a declaration for peace, art, silence or something else?

Inspired by President Obama’s “Nobel Peace Nomination critics” that question his mettle for receiving the award; schools, sanctuaries, families, friends, businesses across the world are uploading their 10 SECOND group montages for PEACE onto youtube with their group’s name and “Live Your Peace” as a way of saying “Peace role models you can’t do it alone. Peace begins with me. Here’s how I choose to embody/express peace in ten focused seconds!”


If you are an expert and/or facilitator of peace we are inviting you to schedule a recorded phone interview with the director of the “Live Your Peace” project which will be featured on the site and linked back to yours. Please email your request at


The “Live Your Peace” 5-7 movie and local LIVE YOUR PEACE 10 second peace montages are intended to be picked up by media locally and around the world. Featured clips (of 10 second peace montage productions) will start airing the 2nd week of December during the Nobel Peace Award Events. “Live Your Peace” raises awareness and funds for local community peace projects.


If you are media or a special guest attending the event we’d like to do a recorded interview by phone with what you would share in your ten seconds. Please email your request at


The official start of the project is on 11/29/09 when a group of people who teach and practice peace in the Philadelphia, PA region are communicating what it means to “Live Your Peace”. They are responding to that very challenge: Ten seconds on the clock – LIVE YOUR PEACE in front of the lens of an Emmy award winning documentary film maker in the global collaborative film project “Live Your Peace”.

AVAILABILITY: PA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Ruth Anne Wood, (215) 872-5035 (PA);;

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