In 1854 the Indian Chief Seattle addressed the White Chief in Washington about the Indian doubts considering the plans of the white men with their lands. Now, in 2009, this speech finds itself a successor in the letter of a white man, written to all the government chiefs in the world.
But in fact it is written to us all... to unite and change our ways. The time is now. Please read this letter and pass it on.
Our goal is to read this speech aloud, to make it heard in the heart of the governments and of us all, and to ask for a peaceful change in the world.

Apeldoorn, Netherlands, 2009

To all our Brothers and Sisters, Members of the Council,
Members of the ‘secret’ Government,

When I was small I heard about dying fish in our rivers. This hurt me and I wondered why this was happening.
But what could I do?
Who cares about listening to a child?

I’m a grown up now, but our fish are still dying.
I hear the whales and dolphins, our brothers in polluted oceans. They call for help.
They’re hunted down for scientific research.
Your sonar damages their hearing and they die on our beaches. Is this science?
But you know... their singing brings Love in the water of the sea and so they protect us.
Now they call for our aid. Don’t you hear them?

I listen to the birds. They followed us to our cities and lighten our souls by their singing.
Their relatives are confined in small boxes and slaughtered by millions.
They can’t walk, but are kept alive with what you call medicines.
Then our children are told this meat is healthy.

I love cows and pigs. They too are our brothers.
They are fed with crunched fish and meat, but they’re vegetarians.
You force the farmers to mark them and to inject them with your medicines.
Aren’t they allowed names anymore? Who comforts them when they are crying?
How will an unhappy cow produce healthy milk?
I don’t need science to answer that question.

We hear your voice every day through TV and read your words in the papers.
My whole life I have heard your voice. I grew up this way.
Maybe we are children still, and we hope you’ll give us the example of wise elders.

In our gardens and orchards bees are taking care of the new crop, fertilizing the flowers.
But now many bee colonies are dying. Their buzz is fading.
Then who’s going to fertilize the flowers?
Does this mean soon there will be no fruits on the trees?
Then, when we raise our children, who will teach them the taste of an apple?

You now demand that our daughters be injected to protect them against cancer.
Scientists say that this is for their health, but other scientists say this is unproven yet and that it’s poison.
Who are we to believe? Science should be honest, shouldn't it?
When science, always quoted by you, tells two contradictory viewpoints, one of these must be a lie.
That’s scientific logic.

Is it fabrication?
And when a pestilence breaks out... will you then force all to be poisoned with the same fluids?
Or do you grant each and all of us our free will to make decisions, even if they seem irrational?
We are children and we want to trust you, because you are our representatives.
But we lose our faith in you. Can you understand this?

Our cities hurt our eyes, our ears and our noses.
Cars consume all the oxygen and fumes pollute the air.
You state that we should change to nuclear power, but I’m afraid of this.
Why don’t you tell the people that for ages very simple solutions exist to generate power?
Aren’t we allowed to know this? Are you afraid of change?

When I look out of the garden at night to the skies above I can hardly see the stars.
But when I’m in the desert, far from our cities, I see thousands of stars, so many that I’m silent in astonishment and craving. I see the Galaxy as a river of light and life.
Where have all the stars above our cities gone?
You’ve taught us we are a civilized country. And that the European Union is now a Union of civilized countries.
I believed this. But now I’ve trouble sharing your opinion.

We learned that the Great Spirit is a God of unconditional Love and that we should live by his example.
Why then, so I wonder, are other countries subjugated and tied to our rules?
Why are their national riches plundered, but they can't pay their debts?
Why are their inhabitants too poor to stay alive?
Why do you allow that weapons, our weapons, tear apart their tribes?
And why are our medicines tested on their inhabitants?
Why don’t you demonstrate the love of the Great Spirit?
In your deeds we don’t recognize your words.

Everywhere around us aerials are erected, emitting radiation every second of the day.
We have listened well to your voice, because we now all carry small mobile emitters with us.
That way we can be found and tracked always and everywhere.
Your scientists tell us this radiation is safe.
But why are so many people suffering from this?
We’ve now lost the rhythm of Gaia, our mother Earth; our bodies don’t find rest and our society works 24 hours per day. And to sleep we are prescribed medicines.
Is this your idea of a civilized country?

All our documents are provided with hidden transmitters and you oblige us to carry them everywhere.
Will we soon loose our names, our identities, and will we be numbers in your computers?
You’ve told us that we work for our future, for safety and comfort.
But the money we’ve saved appears to lose its value.
Yet we read that your own incomes are growing even now there’s crisis.
People lose their jobs, their homes and they are unhappy.
So they buy liquors and cigarettes and to forget they are prescribed more medicines.
How can this be?

Why is it that many natural medicines are forbidden now?
Why are the natural ingredients in our food killed by radiation?
Why will soon vitamins and minerals be expelled from our food?
Then we get ill.
I read that in some countries the court forces people to be injected with your poison when they have cancer.
And our health therapists are prosecuted when they advise natural therapy instead.

We don’t understand your wise words anymore. You contradict yourself.
So maybe you’re just one of us, maybe a big brother... bullying us.

Maybe we were foolish placing our responsibility in your hands, because look what has become of our beautiful planet...
The air is polluted, the sea contaminated, the land is ripped of it’s riches and its animals locked up as production units.
We are lonely, and yet we are with so many.
We long for harmony, togetherness and unity.
Aren’t we all Keepers of the Earth? Didn’t the Great Spirit give us this task?

In the past we killed our Red Brothers and occupied their grounds.
We conquered overseas countries and colonized the lands.
Now you have spacecraft and visit other planets.
Will you now colonize other planets, just like we did America? Build cities?
What are your motives, so I wonder?
Because it looks like you make mankind a dying race itself.
Don’t you understand that unconditional Love, and Gratitude... are the real keys to make this world a paradise, capable of housing even billions of humans living in harmonious co-existence with each other and with animals and plants, since we are all part of this Nature... of this Earth... of the Cosmos... of the Great Spirit.
And doesn’t this include you too?

Members of the Council, of the Governments Worldwide, Brothers and Sisters...

Maybe we should reclaim our responsibility.
Then we relieve you of your task.
Maybe you don’t see it yet, but we are uniting.
Everywhere people stand up, contacting their brothers and sisters worldwide.
We reconnect to our animals that call for our help.
We reconnect to our ancestors and guardian angels, whose silent voices speak to us.
We reconnect to our brothers in the universe with whom we already exchange signals through our crop circles.
We are re-membering.
Do you hear our call?
Will you listen when our United Voice reaches your ears?

The same red brothers, whose land was taken, tell us 2012 is an important Year of the Sun.
That change will come.
It’s nearly that time.

We are the children of a new world.
We wish to clean the air and the rivers, bring life back into the seas, because we wish to hear again the murmur of the rivers, see distant mountains in the clean air and feel the vibrations of Gaia, our mother Earth.
We wish to be grateful to our brothers and sisters, the plants and animals that feed us and treat them with love.
We seek for rest in our villages and we long for time to enjoy this.
We wish that all people eat and live in peace together, without weapons.
We seek no battle.
Then we can teach our children and make them proud of us.

We’ve always listened and lived by your standards.
But now that you ask us to give up our identity, our freedom of choice, then in fact we give you our lives, we even give you the Earth in your hands. Then realize we don’t think light of this, and that we will not do so easily, because this is a great good and we doubt your motives.

Yet we will be grateful for all that you taught us.
The time is now. Change is coming. It’s up to you to join us.
Please respect our free will; let us make our choices, in the faith that you’ve taught us everything we need to know.
Then we can commemorate you as Elders who may have made mistakes, but whose intentions were good.

Wim Roskam, author of ‘To opt for freedom of choice’
Marianne Agterdenbos, Biophoton therapist

If you agree with the contents, feel free to add your name and to pass this message on.

Wim Roskam & Marianne Agterdenbos

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