Here's a message I received in an email this morning. I found it interesting and I thought you might too.






Just think, last week at this time we were all beginning to prep for hurricane Irene. Here we are, one week later and many of us came through unscathed. Amazing. However, we are now aware of the utter destruction to the property of friends or family here in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey, and numerous other areas. I have several friends in Vermont, and know of others right here in MA, who are stranded due to roads or bridges out and who have lost homes. This is not even mentioning the loss of life. Some of you readers may be enduring these very hardships and our hearts go out to you.


For us "survivors", how do we cope and make meaning that so many others are suffering right now? If we look at the bigger picture, we can include Katrina, Japan, and many areas around the globe impacted by fierce and ferocious weather at this time. And yet, those of us who came through with flying colors can go about our daily lives as is. And with all predictions of 2012 most of us understand the world won't come to an end. But we DO know we are transitioning from our attachment to the material world and moving more toward a conscientious world. How is that? Well, ask anyone who has just lost life, limb, house, bridges, towns, et al. When setbacks happen our priorities begin to shift from HAVING to BEING. From ISOLATION to CONNECTION. From TAKING to GIVING. From HOARDING to SHARING. From WORRY to GRACE. 



Anyone who has known tragedy knows ultimately that consciousness is where the meaning making leads us to. Still, we live in a material world. Our increased awareness may wane, but we never forget these realities. Irene reminded us that at a deeper level we know "it could of been me", or "it could be me next". These are both true. If we simply worry about either, it is not useful. But if we can allow ourselves to take action around either of these points we empower ourselves and show our support to those who have lost everything. We can use the experience as a spiritual tool. We can take these worries and take action.


What might action look like? Here are many options:

- Extend our wallets to give to charities and organizations helping those in need. 

- Offer a physical hand to clean up or rebuild.

- Take inventory of our own lives. Ask DO I REALLY NEED THIS?

- Give our extra THINGS to organizations who can distribute them to the needy is a perfect way to help others.

-  Focus on relationships. What relationships do I need to clear up?

- Do our spiritual work. What is your purpose on this planet? Are you moving in that direction?

- What is not working in your life. what blocks you from changing?

- How are you being asked to reach out to others?

- Are you taking care of your body/mind/and spirit as own your spiritual temple? 


- Practice gratitude for what you DO have

- Spend time in daily prayer or meditation showering metta onto those who are suffering.

No shame around what you haven't done. There is only now and tomorrow. You can start now. One step at a time.


Many Reiki blessings everyone!


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