Hello ,....'just a wee note to say a big thanks for your support since i very recently joined these sites, is with renewing joy that i see , & feel your reactions to my songs, & photos,...after all, like the metaphor of the tree which falls in the forest,...
..does it really make a noise, if no-one is there to hear it ??

When i create , & channel these entities,.. it is with a ' definite focus ' to imagine them 'touching someone' ,...& i always feel 'urging' coming toward me,..& at the moment of " That's it " .

However ,..the creation cries out to be 'recieved',...& that's where 'you' come in,.....there's no 'band', '& audience' in
my view,...they are 'one' .

I always 'felt' these energys would find a home,..& now it's happening not only 'with people',......
.but to people of high aspirations,..& peaceful intentions,...'that's where i want be,..& 'you' are making the dream .

I love your comments, & e-mails, feels just as strong as a friendship that's in the physical,...& in some ways is even more true, ...for there is no previous reason, or knowlege of each other,....therefore the .'connection' is pure !

In gratitude ,....
Lloyd *

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Comment by Tracy Larson'Clifford on April 9, 2009 at 12:33am
it is so good to meet you .thanks for your encouraging words and most of all ..the truth . Love your songs.would love to cover one . And I completely can relate to " The creation crying out to recieve"


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