Getting involved in the creation of dance productions that will future the best dancers in the world and spread the message of peace, a new consciousness

Mother Earth needs our help and through the arts we can deliver very effectively messages of unity, love, joy, respect and compassion for all. Trough dance shows, we can wake up people to a new consciousness. We need to take action, unify, and help each other. And through the universal language of dance and music, we can communicate at a very deep level with people from all around the world.
We are a group of professional choreographers committed to create soulful and impacting productions that will bring up in our audiences the definite "shift" in consciousness that seems to start bursting out individually and collectively- but that did not find yet the certainty and the state of empowerment necessary to break old patterns, habits, thoughts, and feelings allowing it to manifest in our lives.
These productions will engage the audiences in a deep retrospection of the most fundamentals needs and rights that we as human beings need. This series of shows will represent a clear image and infuse the necessary amount of truth, knowledge, and passion to the audiences around the world. Everyone from children to politicians will start to restore their most immediate environment, re-evaluate their own values and priorities that are essentially natural for each individual to find their own and the collective well-being, and learned abut how to co-create a world that will provide, sustain, and nurture their most fundamental needs of peace, love, joy and truth in our life situation.
We are committed to dedicate the rest of our life to co-create, maintain, and distribute productions manifesting the magnificent intelligence that flows through all of us. This dance productions are intended to complement the amazing work of "awakening"and "implementation" that many spiritual teachers have endeavored for thousands of years.
Why through dance? Because with dance and music life productions, we can impact and reach deep dormant areas in human-beings that have become immune to words. Because we can inject and revive the enthusiasm, the truth, and the e-motion necessary that they will need to feel inspired, confident, and energized to take the necessary actions. Because all of us who have kids and relatives ad hold love in our heart for the gift that we have being using, we want to leave this planet with the knowing that we made the world a better place that when we founded. And because we need to take action, to reverse things, there is not time to loose, every day counts, every person, every creative soul, and we are willing to use our talents, blessings, and passion to this mission.
Why? Because WE CAN! And because there is people out there with a mission, with intend, with resources that are just doing the opposite- destroying, killing, programming , spreading, and misleading us( unconsciously) with negativity, greed, wars, and false images of what we are need and stand for!!! They move fast, they act, and we are going to need a lot of us to bring some real balance to the equation...
After these productions, coming back to unconsciousness will not be a habit anymore. People will come out of these productions feeling so alive, purposeful, and confident that will not only feel transformed but they will carry on the messages to everyone they will encounter.
The process for our dancers will be financially, physically, and artistically enriching where well-being and care for our dancers will be a priority for us as well as for the rest of our universal family.
If you feel that you can help with any advice, idea, financial, or other source of contribution; if your Soul is feeling some connection with this project and you want to get involved in some healthy, easy, and purposeful way on it; or if you have any contacts that will be interested on this please contact Mayte Vicens at or just write some comments in this blog .
Love, joy, peace, and truth to you...

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