I submitted the following comment to one of my groups on MyPeace. But I think that it deserves wider attention than the relatively small membership of that group, so I'm adding it here as a blog:

That message about the survey to choose your preference between the Whopper and the Big Mac that showed up in my e-mail inbox as having been posted on THIS thread [Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes! !!!] was truly bizarre!!!
I see that it has been deleted before I caught it here. Almost a shame. Maybe it should have been framed...
But seriously: I have noticed that people use sites like this and the Dennis Kucinich campaign site back in '08 for flyposting / leafletting mating (contact) ads for free. THEY fill me with pity (with a touch of annoyance). But this commercial abuse of the site gets me angry. And ESPECIALLY such an ad on THIS thread.
It makes me wonder if this is the work of some overworked, somewhat stupid minion paid a pittance by MacDonalds to search out free Internet sites to flood with their ads... or something more sinister.
We have to steel ourselves to the fact that we - as a site - are going to be sabotaged by vested interests who don't WANT Peace to have a chance. And some of the more active of us are going to find (or have already found) that we are being sabotaged in a directed, personal way.
The laptop that my brother lent me has become so infected that we're going to have to wipe the hard drive clean and reformat it. And the table-top PC that I'm using now has become VERY sluggish, and might well go the way of the laptop.
I am used to being submitted to this kind of harrassment since I contacted the Corrie family about my proposed tribute to Rachel - even before I added it to my site.
And the more active I become, the more harrassment I get.
Which only serves to encourage me more.
If you bother THEM enough for them to try to stop you, you know that THEY are scared... and that you're being effective enough for them to be scared.
If they think that they are going to win by these nasty tactics, we need to show them that they aren't!
People have been tortured and killed for standing up for Peace.
A computer that takes 5 minutes to start up and 3 minutes to open each window is a relatively tiny price to pay.

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Comment by jimmsfairytales0com on June 30, 2009 at 3:56pm
The fact that a hamburger giant chose a thread dedicated to vegetarian and vegan recipes shows an incredible lack of sense and sensitivity... or a cynical and very nasty wish to provoke. Which leads me at least consider the possibility that it was deliberate, and therefore sabotage. There is nothing to stop an anti-Peace fanatic from signing up to and leaving links to disturbing web-sites as a way of upsetting us. I'm not saying that this is definitely the case, only that it's a possibility, and that we have to prepare ourselves for more provocation of this sort, the more effective we get in our work for Peace.
Comment by Yaron Fishman on June 30, 2009 at 4:35pm
Hey Jim...thank you for your perspective...I hear you and understand your concern....

That particular survey was actually posted in other groups on the site, so it wasn't targeting the vegetarian/vegan group. Also...I suggest you consider that looking at things as "Us" and "They" is counterproductive....... indeed some people tend to base their actions from a place of fear (perhaps not having enough power or money etc)... but a big part of peacemaking (in my opinion) is healing this addiction to fear with compassion and love....towards ourselves and all others... because We Are All One.

I can understand how spamming can be annoying...and when we see it we remove it asap....but there is sooo much love and goodness shared on this site...I'm deeply inspired by it and am prepared to be inspired even more....
Comment by jimmsfairytales0com on July 1, 2009 at 12:00am
Dear Yaron,
i appreciate and love people on this site. In the other blog that I pointed out to you, Are we being set up for another invasion in the name of Democracy?, I am accused of "focus[sing] a lot on negative things. your comments usually carry with them a nasty tone, sarcasm- and voicing your negative opinion about people and things."
This saddens me, because it comes from someone that I admire, but also because that person seems to think that I am trying to bring negative energy into this site.
I have answered that unless we open our eyes to the very real fact that there ARE people who REALLY want the Peace Movement to fail, we are deluding ourselves.
If you believe that every WarMonger can be converted with a hug and a warm smile into sharing your view that We Are All One, then I have a right to believe that you're being naive.
I don't consider that sarcasm nor cynicism nor a nasty tone... I consider it realism.
There are those who PROFIT from War. They would rather send their own nephews and nieces off to the slaughter than jeopardise their Bloodmoney.
I'd LOVE for them to be converted.
But I'm not holding my breath.
And you'll have to forgive me if I consider them "THEM" as opposed to "US".

I have hesitated before adding the following, because I really don't like to "pull rank" or use the "seniority" card.... but...
You and my other critic are about the same age, both too young to have lived through the Peace Movement of the 60s and 70s.
A Peace Movement full of starry-eyed children believing earnestly that with "Flower Power", with "Peace and Love", with "Groovy Feelings" and "Good Vibrations", we could change the World. And - in a sense - we did!
But wars go on...
WAR goes on...
And it even gets nastier.
But - although Joni Mitchell sang:
"They won't Give Peace A Chance:
That was just a Dream some of us had..." -
some of us aren't giving up.
But we're not quite so starry-eyed as we were.
And we know that we're in it for the long haul.
And we're ready for the sabotage...
Comment by Yaron Fishman on July 1, 2009 at 2:42am
Hey Jim...

I believe you have good intentions, and I hope you know that if I disagree with something you say, I am not criticizing you as a person, but simply offering a different way of looking at things. I consider myself a student of peace and I'm sure I can learn much from you. I agree that there are people afraid of the peace movement (people fear what they don't understand)... but if I let myself get upset every time someone spams etc., then I would be wasting my energy...I would be wasting even more energy if I saw them as my enemy. From my perspective, the only "enemy" is the cycle of fear which perpetuates the hatred and violence that we'd like to see humanity evolve beyond. From fear comes anger, which leads to hatred...and hatred leads to the sickness we often label as "evil" (ok, I sound like Yoda :) ).... So I do my best to always choose love... but love has different of which is justice. For example..I'd personally like to see the warmongers in the Bush administration prosecuted. Though when we talk about warmongers, I think it's easy to forget they were once children..children who were born into a cycle of fear and we must have compassion...even for "THEM". They who profit from war are greedy...and their greed comes from fear..fear of being powerless.....But these warmongers also have who will teach their children to break this vicious cycle? How will we use all forms of Media to help break the cycle? What questions could we ask that would be most effective in helping our human family evolve?....I may not have all the answers... but like you, I continue to explore and ask questions....
Comment by jimmsfairytales0com on July 1, 2009 at 11:35am
Dear Yaron,
If you will read my blog again carefully, you will see that I don't assume that the spammer was purposely sabotaging this site. I offer it only as a possibility. And I warn people that - whether this was sabotage or not - we WILL be getting sabotaged in the future. Let's be prepared. This does NOT mean let's start becoming distrustful of everyone, or let's close ourselves up to protect ourselves. I LONG ago decided that if I do that, then (excuse the term) THEY have already won. ONLY by our openness, our commitment to sharing and loving, our willingness to sacrifice for that wonderful ideal PEACE, will we win through.

If you will carefully read my blog again, you will also see that I personally have been subjected to heavier forms of sabotage and harrassment. This is NOT paranoia. To give you one example:
After clicking on the "send" button for one of my e-mails to the Corrie family, and before receiving the "message sent" confirmation, for about one quarter of a second, another "window" flashed onto and off of my computer screen. The URL was very long and made no sense to me, aside from - by pure LUCK - 6 letters right in the middle. See if you can spot them... and draw your own conclusions (the following is just to give you an idea of what it seemed like to me):


It was shortly after this that my web-site AND my personal e-mail account started going hay-wire. Sabotage? Pure coincidence? Is it going to stop me? Am I cynical and bitter? I hope not...

YES, I can get sarcastic and nasty with people who proffer such vicious opinions as that Rachel Corrie was filled with hate and was collaborating in the murder of American citizens. See KAHANEZADAK's comments (and my replies) on Rachel's Song - A Poem Tribute To Rachel Corrie. After I invited this individual to an open debate on my profile page, where we could deal with the subject in more detail, (s)he decided to send me private messages instead, which were even more insulting (of me), abusive, and arrogant than the ones posted here.
I haven't got your patience or forgiveness to treat such people with only love and compassion. And I KNOW that they were corrupted as children, that it's not all their fault...
Thank you for your understanding!
Love and Peace,


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