I awoke this morning, with promises of a momentous year ahead, not just for me individually, yet for everyone in the world. These tidings came in the form of an e-mail , which was describing the events taking place from an ethereal point of went on to explain that the 11 cycle ,meaning Vision, Visionary or Spiritual Messenger , was at precipice to shed and share it's intuitive and spiritually charged energy. Good. Now how shall this be used to our advantage? By remembering! First remember who you know your vices and your virtues and now it is time to create their balance... Remember, that if receiving this e-mail from me, it's because I already know you, and all those so known to me have always been sent my uncontained amount of love and hope..., for a smooth path for you, for the raisings in light of your own gifts and virtues, and I pray always for your well- being. Remember that we all now are influenced by the "Great Awakener” and that intuition, spiritual communication, vision, rapid transformation, insight, humanitarianism and balanced leadership are the higher vantage points we should maintain. Everything about this day and age we exist in I see so perfect and beautiful...I see so much compassion ,uniqueness, futur-istic thinking and the collaboration of the masses of all called "common folk" ..who really are the majority of the collective conscience...who would like to see, hence create, a better human experience. Remember, when seeing out in our world what may seem wrong,, is only part of the whole truth, which reminds us that we can then make the 'right way' for people and situations occur.

Remember ,that no thing is a struggle, from the shoes of us... you and those I too have shared this e-mail is us who when eliminating controversial thought or seeing only half the truth (seeing and saying the negativity half only) that we shall free the group dynamic...I am calling We,,, so that We,,from the truly better physical global place we of the horrific circumstances other humans are living,,as you even read now,,,so that we count so our blessings, accept and upgrade our own selves as the wonderful, sharing, giving, gifted, social, balls of light we are! Remember, your True Nature..remember that even in this Now moment... all the past knowings that make you who you are, are some what to be tossed in the air...for all new in thought and deed is where we are who you who you are...exude the,.. no..expose the New Energy to expand "Change for the Greater Good of All."

Remember...that I said I Love Spiritual Family of Mine...should you ever feel the desire for support, to help you along your way to achieving your expanded Vision,,,or a reminder of your True Nature,,,I,Alexis, would be here for you...reach out, so that We can step into a leadership position, powered by vision and humanitarian principles for All. Remember who I am...for throughout all time..i have, and will always be, "there with you."


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Comment by RAMA on January 17, 2009 at 4:22am
I am there with you as well my sister. I love your words for they breathe peace into my heart. blessings


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