Every Conflict, Fight, Riot, Crime, Shooting, Terrorist Act, War or Genocide is proceeded by the verbal incivility and repeated actions of demonizing others.

Which is why most media sites demand and retain the right to monitor content placed there... As they know full well that incivility leads to conflict which eventually will cause some to strike out in negative action.

For the link between violent media, hateful rhetoric and extreme acts of criminal violence is quite simply the repetitive reinforcement of the individuals or groups desire and belief that such actions are the only and correct avenue of reprisal left to them, especially since these acts are what gain an immediate majority of public attention.

This is why it would be constructive for media outlets to share more Positive, Uplifting, and Solution-focused news which offer examples of raising ourselves toward evolving as a cooperative human family that respects each other and our environment. 

Concentrating on these kinds of stories will move mankind from a self centered, destructive focus, toward a wholistic, sustainable future based in the reality of maintaining the diversity which supports all life.

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