Ending the inner battle - Channelled conversation with the Seven

Jessica: I just watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which spawned a series of questions from me to the Seven about good and evil, and what it means as a reflection of what goes on within myself. I wanted to know why there’s always this inner struggle, and the ego that tries to manipulate me with fear from realizing Who I Really Am, and why the human experience was set up this way. The Seven responded:

We’ve come to talk to you more Dear One about ending the battle within. Even now there is a haunting presence that would have you be afraid of such a communication as this. But we tell you there is nothing to fear here.
The “enemy” as depicted in these films is an illusion of evil made real by your belief that something can harm you. The truth is dear one that your mind is nothing more then a hungry golem, crazy for the power to preserve itself. It’s not worth even engaging with for it will lead you nowhere in the end.
This golem is ruled by a consciousness that is it’s own. It’s the consciousness of what some call Mia, or illusion. Where there is consciousness (to know and Be in the Truth) there must also be unconsciousness; the shadow that allows the Light to pierce and shine. This is the only purpose of ego, of shadow, and of Mia, and all negative ego’s serve the same master – the illusion itself.
It’s a wonderful set up, though the unconsciousness has a “mind” of its own, and so seeks to consume the light in shadow. Such is the play of the universe. The next phase of evolution is to become free from the grips of this unconsciousness by having a greater Eye then it.
Fully see with your inner eye the scope of its scheming, and release any parts of your Self that grabbed on to Mia’s fear based stories, cloaking your True gifts and potential in the experience of darkness. Recognize that the darkness has no power, except for the power it gains through the light that it consumes. The moment you stop and see it for what it is, it will shrink and die.

Jessica: So if my existence is only made possible through the opposites of Dark and Light, then if I totally overcome my fear, then will I totally dissolve? How is form possible without darkness?

Within the extremes of dark and light there are varying degrees of light frequencies. You are simply becoming free from the lower half of the vibratory scale, creating a tipping point where the weight on the light side is “heavier,” meaning it’s a shorter “slide” home (home being the Light) for you and all beings. (I received the image of a teeter totter here, darkness on one end, light on the other)
You and your kind (the others who are waking up) are definitely leading the way for this. And in fact, the tipping point has already been crossed by so many of you, and this new weight distribution of soul energy is what is holding the doorway open for the new ones to enter, and the old consciousness to move towards the Light.
The only task you must do now is use your inner eye to seek out any places where you are still locked in the belief about being held captive by a dark force. Fear, doubt, insecurity, cruelty, these are all signs of the “dark one” having a hold of you. But remember this important point; the darkness is not a force unto itself! It’s only through manipulating the light that it is powerful. In truth, the darkness is just emptiness, and through the surrendering of your attachment to it as being a particular “thing” to avoid, it simply becomes what it actually is, and there is Peace.
Love and Blessings dear child, showering down all around you during these incredible times!!
~The Host of Seven

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