The ‘Law Of Countability’ as described by John Maxwell, is a critical one in building teams and in effective teamwork. This is especially crucial when the stakes are high.

People working towards a common goal, depend on the input and execution of tasks by each other. In fact tasks and accomplishment hinge on each other completing theirs. So the ‘Law Of Countability’ is not only important, but it ultimately determines the altitude a team will get to.

Maxwell says the formula for ‘Countability’ is not complicated but its impact is powerful

The formula for ‘Countability’ is as follows:
1. CHARACTER: Character makes trust possible. Trust makes leadership possible. I you cannot trust someone, you will not count on them. Building a team, begins with building character in the individuals who make up the team

2. COMPETENCE: Competence matters. Without competence, one person can put the entire team in jeopardy. Without competence the burden of the other teamsters become heavier

3. COMMITMENT: Teams succeed or fail based on the commitment of teamsters to each other and the team. If a good team player ‘breaks a leg’ the others carry him to the top of the mountain. Many a time it is not about being the first one to the top of the mountain but that the whole team makes it to the top of the mountain

4. CONSISTENCY: Consistency in a team is a key component. It keeps the flow of teamwork and reduces the need for other players to add to their work load if everyone stays consistent. Your consistency builds great confidence in you by you teammates

5. COHESION: Cohesion is the glue which holds a team together. It is the journey to a worthwhile common goal that gives a team its identity and provides a foundation on which a team stands on. Maxwell describes it as ‘a pride in the ability of your group to function at a higher level than possible for the individual. The unit doesn’t shine because you’re a member, you shine because you’re good enough to be a member”

Maxwell continues, “Without cohesion people aren’t really a team because they’re not pulling together. They’re merely a group of individuals working for the same organization.” So today as a leader or an aspiring leader, ask yourself, ‘Am I a team player?’ And do I have and exhibit the characteristics above clearly, in a manner that my team depends on it?” Your answer will tell you the whole story…

Nadira Haniff

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