Dad, why did I kill my son?
Son, why did you kill me?
Did I? Am I not here talking to you?
Dad, why do I die?
I gave you life, so be it.
Can you die without been born?
I gave you life, remember that?
Dad, why did you kill Senna?
I've told you... Do not adore anything, anyone, nothing, but me.
Dad... you're so selfish...
Son, I'm proud of what I've done. You're me.
But... Dad...
Why would I kill Obama? Ain't he the leader of peace, wisdom, hapiness?
Son... He's your brother.
Do not kill him. He'll come to me.
Do not question me.
Just do the best you can, I'm doing my job.
Peace is the goal, but fraternity is a must.
We can not achieve peace without ending the needs.
We can not go ahead without following our steps.
Every man has a time to be, and a mission to accomplish.
Just do the best of yours.
There are times that you're laisy...
There are times you feel good.
You have choices. You are free to kill or die.
You are free to choose, to win or loose,
I judge your acts, not the way around.
You talk too much.
Here I am, your son, a dust made man, daring fantasise been you.
You're me.
I'm the quieter, you're the talker.
I'm the silent, you're the walker.
I live inside of you.
You do not believe yourself.
Everything I gave you is inside your mind.
Where did that come from?
Your outsides?
Well... That's me.
If you do not see what you see... son...
I happen to know a nice fellow down here in Heaven.
Why don't you kill yourself and check him out?
Dr. Jesus, optometrist.
I've promoted Him.
He came to me, one day and said, as just you're doing here:
Dad, humans are blind.
I laughed.
They do believe, thou, they see.
They do not see, they don't listen, they don't talk, son, but they read.
Write them letters.
Thanks, Dad. Nice advice.
I'll do my best.

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