Complete Pack of Performance and Style: The McLaren 720S Body Kit


The McLaren is an impressive car that combines breathtaking performance with sleek aesthetics. However, for those looking to modify their 720S, an exciting option is available: the McLaren 720S body kit. This aftermarket enhancement package enhances the car's appearance and improves aerodynamics and overall performance. In this article, we will learn about the benefits of a body kit and discuss the various components typically included in such kits.

Components Included in a McLaren 720S Body Kit

Front Splitter

The front splitter is a prominent component that attaches to the lower portion of the front bumper. It helps to redirect airflow under the car, reducing lift and improving stability at high speeds. The front splitter enhances overall performance and handling by optimizing the aerodynamics, allowing for better control and improved traction.

Side Skirts

From the front wheel arches to the rear wheel arches, the side skirts run along the lower sides of the car. This McLaren carbon fiber improves overall visual appeal while directing airflow along the sides of the vehicle. This helps minimize turbulence and improve aerodynamics, increasing stability and improving efficiency.

Rear Diffuser

The rear diffuser is a crucial component located at the bottom rear of the car, just above the exhaust. It works by managing airflow, reducing drag, and creating downforce. The rear diffuser also adds a sporty, aggressive aesthetic touch to the car's rear.


The body kit includes a rear spoiler or wing that further enhances the aerodynamics of the McLaren 720S. By generating additional downforce, the spoiler improves stability, especially at higher speeds. This helps to keep the rear of the car planted on the road, allowing for better traction and enhanced overall performance.

Carbon Fiber Panels

The body kit often includes carbon fiber panels to replace stock parts such as mirrors, engine covers, and other exterior elements. Carbon fiber is renowned for its lightweight and high-strength properties. The body kit reduces the car's overall weight by incorporating carbon fiber panels, resulting in improved acceleration, handling, and fuel efficiency. Moreover, carbon fiber adds a touch of luxury and sportiness to the vehicle's appearance.

Exhaust System

An upgraded exhaust system may be included depending on the specific body kit. An enhanced exhaust system not only improves the sound and tone of the car but can also optimize performance by increasing power and torque output. It can provide a more exhilarating driving experience and make a visual impact with unique exhaust tips or a different exhaust configuration.

It's important to note that when considering a body kit for the McLaren 720S, choosing a reputable manufacturer that offers high-quality components designed specifically for the model is recommended.

Benefits of Installing the McLaren 720S Body Kit

Enhancing Aerodynamics

One of the key advantages of installing a body kit on the McLaren 720S's sleek design is that it provides excellent airflow management, but a body kit takes it further. It helps reduce drag, increase downforce, and improve overall stability. These aerodynamic enhancements contribute to improved performance on the track and enhance the driving experience.

Aggressive Styling

A body kit gives the car a more aggressive and assertive appearance, setting it apart from its stock counterparts. With its perfectly sculpted lines, the 720S already turns heads, but a body kit adds an extra touch of visual flair. The aerodynamic components of the kit, such as front splitters, side skirts, rear diffusers, and spoilers, improve performance and lend a visually striking presence to the car.


The McLaren 720S body kit provides an excellent opportunity for enhanced aerodynamics and aggressive styling. They improve performance and add a personalized touch to your car.

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