I think using media in any form to contribute to world peace is a very good idea and we should keep doing that. However, I want to say that lately my mind has been overloaded and my eyes been crossed from being on the screen for too long. There are so many good things out there on-line, they are so uplifting. But there is only so much we could watch on screen and we need a balance. So, I thought perhaps we could use some activities to carry the message of peace. I know there have been activities of these sort, but we could expand on it, bring it into our local communities. Perhaps as a regular monthly social event. These activities does not only carries peace messages to people, it also in some cases enhance your health and definitely bring deeper connection with your communities.

1. Invite churches, temples, communities, groups,etc to participate in passing on the peace mentality by perhaps organizing social events where all could gather to sing songs of peace, meditate on peace, create peace dance, share one thing we did for peace, share how we as an individual we could contribution to world peace,etc

2. organize local bike ride for peace, perhaps we could get all the riders to wear T-shirts with peace signs.

3. organize local peace walks

4. If you belong to any toastmaster group - make peace the subject.

5. Organize musical group for peace

6. Organize costume party on peace

7. Organize peace fashion contest, peace painting contest, peace song-writing contest,.peace music contest, peace stories contest, etc

8. Organize peace and environmental awareness

9. Churches, temple or any group could perhaps show one short video on peace before they start their usual activities like sunday services, or meditation or talks, etc.

And lastly, I totally agree that peace starts within us, working on ourselves, creating harmony with ourselves, our loves ones, people in our life, etc would certainly be one of our most important focus. When we have peace within, goodwill for others, love in our heart that vibration permeate the air and takes power in little actions we do - even just a smile could warms the heart of another.

We could incorportate peace face-painting/hand painting of the peace-sign or wear clothing with peace sign to show our support in these events.

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