The days fly so fast. Time never stands still, does it? We look back and assess our efforts of the past few days and some are pleased, many are ‘wishing’ they had done more. Wishing they had spent more time on their business, perhaps more time with the family, with friends, with the community, church…. There is something to be said for making each day count, because time ‘waits for no man’ they say. It moves on surely and methodically. In fact frighteningly so predictable… None of us can slow it down, and similarly none of us can accelerate the way time moves. The only power we hold is WHAT WE DO with the time given to us everyday…

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.
As we dream our BIG DREAMS…for we know that small dreams do not stir the souls of men…our ACTIONS & ACTIVITY MUST BE congruent with our DREAMS…

One cannot have BIG DREAMS and PUNY ACTIONS. Yes, one step at a time but after a while giant steps, steady steps, continuous steps, accelerated steps, that increase to a hop…then to a jump and then to a sprint…your heart beats faster, the adrenaline rushes - as you close in to the finish line… and you feel the effort…and see the results with every step…

Wow! Big dreams will warrant big actions. But little actions accumulate to big actions over time, provided you are consistent and persistent.

Jack Welch once said “Productivity is not the squeezing of the rag. But rather productivity is the belief that there’s an infinite capacity to improve anything”. I firmly believe this…an infinite capacity to improve on our efforts, our beliefs and our activity to produce results. Too many settle for mediocrity in life. And for many this results in much economic hardships for years.

So teamsters let’s band together and make this a remarkable week and a productive month...where promotions abound, cheques are received with jubilations and we feel great about our efforts and proud that even though it was tough as heck… we forged ahead and brought home the RESULTS…

Remember you control your destiny. But it doesn’t hurt to get a helping hand along the way to get there… You are a CHAMPION…
Not yet in business? Start a home based business today. An extra $500 - $1000 monthly can make a significant difference. And then build on that.

“Together We Are UNSTOPPABLE…”
Nadira Haniff. International Business/Life Coach

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