You are a wonderfully divine expression of all that is good. You are the hope of the world because you carry hope in your heart. You dream of a better life for yourself and others because you know that it is possible. You have come here for this very purpose – to add your distinctive thread to the tapestry of life. As you unfold your potential and weave your story into this intricate fabric, everything becomes more beautiful.

Your personal insight and wisdom is essential in determining the next step in our collective evolution. Each rhythmic heart beat sounds your unique tone of love just as every imaginative thought you have reveals your creative essence. With every breath, love itself is animated and made real through you. Your very presence makes a profound difference on this earth and is a gift beyond measure. Nothing would be the same without you.

As you generously share the love in your heart, you are naturally fulfilling your destiny. It is the unconditional kindness you show towards yourself and others that makes love tangible. Your smiles and laughter bring lightness to the journey that would never be possible without you being present within it. You add a dimension that can never be replaced by any other part of life.

Each step you take is a courageous choice to explore the unknown. Your strength to move forward and discover potentials yet to come is felt by everyone. Others follow your lead to realize their own abilities, and together new pathways of possibility are opened to benefit all. Your light shines the way.

Your genuine compassion is the signal that love is manifesting in great abundance and that an age of grand and delightful expression is here. The trust you have for this potential is the reason it is happening and even possible. Could you ever imagine that this age of beauty we are entering into is all because of you?

You are precious and the world rejoices knowing you have come to share your love at this most auspicious time.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker
President and Founder
The Love Foundation, Inc.

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