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Maryanne works with discarded materials, usually nature's flotsam debris found on the beach. Having spent four years living in the Caribbean, she was inspired by the people, places, and cultures. First, painting sea life and birds with acrylics on bamboo, she moved on to coconut husk masks, driftwood carvings, and macramé integrating seashells and feathers. She has worked with recycled copper wire to craft hand-in-hand doll chains and paper mache angels. Reused milk jugs covered with papier-mâché spring to life as brightly painted masks.
The wood from electrical spools covered with sea glass and mirrors, mosaics of broken pottery and glass depicting life in the islands, and tambourines painted with native beach scenes transport her back to experience with happy people living in a third world. Ancient aboriginal influences are a recurrent theme in acrylic painted palm frond pieces and wall hangings’
Next she moved to San Francisco where she was again inspired by her surroundings. She became more interested in designing jewelry, handbags. More discarded objects became part of her art. Collage art covered purses and boxes. She designed embroidery clothing with the 1960 theme of peace, love, and happiness. She has a line of mailboxes with that same theme. All of her artwork reflects harmony, unity, and universal love. The intention of her art is to spread the love through her art creations for others to enjoy.
Now living in Miami Beach, she has started to bead whatever she can get her hands on. Maryanne designed "Goddess Handbags"; each one is different and never the same. She has begun to design incredible beaded variety of barrettes, brooches and beaded ties. There is a wide variety of earrings.
"My art speaks to me from the surrounding in which it originated. I see something discarded by the world and desire to reuse it as an expression of the feelings of my environments, the spiritual atmosphere of the distant past, and the emotions that well up inside of me." ❤

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