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A Millennium Parable.

As Commander of one of the most advanced and largest spaceships in the galaxy, she studied the terrible warring factions of this newly discovered world that the
inhabitants called Earth and wondered to herself why this beautiful world had
developed in such a hellish way

There was something fundamentally wrong in the knowledge of these people to result in this terrible global suffering. Why did they not know of the spiritual
development that balanced and lifted the human being to higher levels? The
Commander commenced studying their history first, through her having advanced
technology that enabled her to see into all their communication systems and
showed why their religions appeared to be so weak in the face of evil,
resulting in such cruelty and bloodshed. They appeared to think that the
Creator was an old man with a white beard sitting somewhere unable to solve the
world’s problems and so they would do this themselves. Various studies revealed
that some religious leaders were as much consumed by this same greed for power
and domination as exercised by their Country’s political leaders and believed
it their right to do so while killing those who disagreed.

The spaceship Commander also learned that many individuals down through history took power through material corruption. Even leaders of today, had not learned from their continual warring ways by not
caring for their people who were made in the image of the Creator. Having set
up Council of Nations with rules to observe peaceful ways, large Countries
flouted these rules and went to war taking with them others to mislead and try
to justify their actions. They followed collision courses time and again,
leading to more wars that would lead them eventually to a final war of nuclear
oblivion. A final reckoning would undoubtedly come if major changes did not
take place. One of these main issues was their brain development or at least
the lack of it. They had not progressed over centuries due to their obsession
with materialism and had not pursued spiritual enlightenment of the brain that
was brought about by the lack of study in this field, The miniscule responses
to studying minor brain mechanisms were simply based on trying to understand
the power of the mind and use this against others. Many academics were vertical
thinkers and quiet unaware of the brain’s huge capacity and how to use it as a
spiritual tool for peace. The great prosperity and advancement in thinking
spiritually was away beyond their present imagination.

The academics had only just recently discovered the chaos theory and again were hanging all sorts of findings to this newly found piece of knowledge. What they did not know was the same chaos theory had already entered
into their warring ways and could wipe out their entire unbalanced

Extra help would have to be called upon to make decisions regarding trying to help this world towards creating peace and harmony. The Commander gave orders to withdraw from their present
observation position and head for home. She knew her crews were all suffering
from the traumatic sights they had seen and needed to heal their terrible
mental wounds, brought about by their visual studies and the long observations
of these. Healing sessions had taken place on board ship while they had
observed this awful planet and already the full power of healing began in their
flight home. They could feel the warmth of their people sending love and
healing to them, as they knew of the crew suffering mentally by what they had
seen and recorded. Enormous healing energy developed and even the angels
visually materialised in numbers and stood by the treatment tables to assist
them in their healing by placing their hands on the bodies of the crewmembers.
They felt greatly honoured by such divine presence and such power being
directed to each and every one on board. The Commander’s people were used to the contact with the
spiritual world through their brain development made centuries before and the
presence of angels was accepted as the beautiful silent figures in white robes
stood beside them This was only one of the great wonders of the level of holistic
healing that the Commander could reveal to this sad planet to help bring them
love and peace in the future. Many of Earth’s inhabitants saw religion as some
form of killjoy in life, when in truth it was the very essence of a happy and
prosperous life for everyone. Earth’s people were unaware of the gateway to the
brain being stimulated and opened to greater knowledge by the spirituality of
the individual acting as carers for each other in a god-like manner.

The Commander was kept busy with preparations for the meeting of all the Nations leaders of her world. Soon the day arrived to speak to hundreds of delegates’ intent on listening to her and various senior crews. She knew many
questions would arise during days of talking, with having such first hand
knowledge of this other unique planet. This planet with living souls was the
very first of its kind, which they had discovered and was peopled by beings
like themselves in past millenniums. The huge auditorium was full with so many
delegates from all religions and cultures but she herself was at peace in her
mind because she knew in her heart that they loved her. She knew they would not
wish to pressurise her in any way by their great curiosity or by their numbers
or cause her any kind of concern. The Great Hall was where large circles of
delegates settled and sat in silence, awaiting their spaceship Commander to

The meeting began with everyone standing up and holding hands, left hand up, right hand down, in the fashion of transmitting the great energy of their world to each other. The great prayer for love peace and harmony
was spoken and everyone spoke the name of their Creator with reverence, and
asked for the angels to guide them in their deliberations. The power through
their bodies gradually increased and the strong feeling of love and peace
engulfed them all, once again. This was the great divine power that gave them
sustenance for their bodies each day and spiritual guidance to develop their minds’
work for greater things. The Commander thought of this same love, peace and
healing which was unknown by the suffering people of her discovered planet. The
great universal energy was common to both planets, as she had used this energy
when working with different people during her stay there by sending them
healing and peace. The delegates then closed the circle of energy by giving
thanks then sat down in anticipation of the Commander speaking, and she began:

“Brothers and sisters of Enlightenment, I speak to you to-day with enormous sadness of this other planet which has allowed evil to persist through centuries. The
outcome as you know is that millions of people have suffered through that time.
You have all been given details of my findings and I know by your faces and
your response in speaking to you, that you too, are greatly distressed. This
other beautiful world and its peoples are being destroyed through evil in the
form of wars.

Studies of this other planet’s history show no change in their ways even with holy messengers of all religions speaking the truth to them through the centuries.
There is no doubt many of the people themselves of this other planet have
benefited from the Creator’s great work of sending messengers but some leaders
continue to mislead the people into wars. Many are without true knowledge or
wisdom and these leaders would however refute such claims as they continue the
killing of people and say that God is on their side. Many lie by speaking of
defending their people against evil and still pursue killing peoples of other
nations. We must therefore send great love and healing to this other planet to
avert many of their wars and to bring them together to create peace and
harmony. We are blessed with much abundance of the knowledge of spiritual
wealth and now we must help in the restoration of peace and love in this other
planet that we have found. I believe myself that our Creator led us to this
place, to sustain the great work of love and peace spoken of by his messengers
of all religions, through the ages. Should this not be, then this most
beautiful but sad world which we have discovered, will be destroyed by it’s own

Having discovered this planet I believe, we will be given the strength to develop the great healing of the planet and it’s peoples. We have to accept our
responsibility of caring for others, which we do at present on our own
planet. I would therefore ask you to
call upon our Creator, and through the angels to transmit each day love and
peace to this other planet. We have lived with love, one for the other,
regardless of our different religions and cultures and respect each other, as
we are all, our Creator’s children. The knowledge of the angels’ helps us in
turn to enjoy peace and love, which are in the minds of all our peoples.
Through this love the advancement of our healing and material needs continues
every day of our lives. This brings me to my main point for those who may have
any doubts in their minds of helping this other planet. Like all good things,
which we benefit from and share with each other, we have been given knowledge
to create the technology of spaceships and time travel. I feel therefore that
these powers, which have been given us, must not be seen as gain for our own
comfort and pleasure but rather the tools that have been given us for helping


Wherever in this galaxy or other galaxies that we may find ourselves transported to, we must help those less fortunate than ourselves. Separated by time and distance, enabling both worlds develop each in our own way, we have
seen the result of another world’s people being in a state of imbalance both
spiritually and materially for many centuries. The time has come for us to grow
into helpers in this great work of the healing of this other planet. These
thoughts I know are mine at present, but I want you to share them at this time
with me and on these points that I have set before you, I ask for your kind
consideration and support.

The delegates in the hall rose with one accord to give honour to this loving person who spoke truly of great works and they gave her a massive round of applause to show their support with every delegate in the auditorium
now standing on their feet. Everyone in the Great Hall then gave the
affirmations of peace with her name included in these same speeches. Once again
the huge circles of hands clasped each other and the energy field flowed
through their beings, bringing great love and peace to every individual. The
Commander allowed herself a mental picture of the other planet and one solitary
thought – if only the people had been told of the complete works of the holy
messengers by the authorities who had removed much of the written material as
they did not wish the people to know. A holy messenger that the Commander read
of in the other planet’s history once said, that they “ held the keys of the
doors of knowledge but would not open them to the people.” A feeling of sorrow
welled up again in her being but was quietly calmed by the peace, which she
experienced yet again through the power of being among her own people.

That evening a ball was held in honour of the Commander and her crew and everybody enjoyed the evening with all the ship’s female members receiving a gift of beautiful dresses created by their favourite designers. The men too
were given gifts of the latest evening designs to wear for the gala ball. Their
latest fashion technology and materials had been used for such gifts of apparel
to lighten their minds after suffering so much mentally during their
expedition. They were all glad to be home and looked forward to their leave
with their families and friends. How they now appreciated their world even more
when they thought of their living without fear of evil people and their
resulting chain of poverty and killing ways. There was no doubt that the
Commander and her crew having been exposed to this trauma of destruction would
take some time to recuperate from the mental upset that they all had suffered
from. The terrible pictures in their mind of the other warring planet would
without doubt, stay with them for the rest of their days

The next day the Commander again took place of honour in the great circles of delegates and the ceremonies enacted the day before were repeated. The affirmations of love peace and harmony for their own planet were spoken in
unison and then the affirmations and the prayers for love peace and harmony
were spoken of by the nations for the other planet. Time alone would tell what
war on the other planet might have been halted by the intervention of loving
power, which guided them in all their daily work. This everyday practical power
was the same that they had used for centuries to heal their own world. The
Commander rose and the respect from the delegates was so intense that she could
feel it and this great love warmed her heart, as well as the joy of being among
so many friends. She started by thanking them again for all their kind wishes
and proceeded with asking for questions from the delegates. She looked well in
her smartly cut pale blue uniform of Commander and was in every way, a
beautiful lady of great distinction and intelligence. They were all so proud of
her and her crew for such a brave undertaking. The first question from one of
the delegates was one that was most obvious and which she was prepared for.
“Did she find any redeeming situations that could give the delegates an overall
view of the other planet’s peoples”? They understood the trauma of seeing evil
deeds carried out by these people but were these people in the minority or in
the great majority? The question was expected and she drew breath to begin an
explanation of the situation.


Yes, she had found many good people whose sole aim was to help their fellow beings. She had read of a few leaders both religious and authoritarian who had led their people in peace without wars or threats of wars, but they
were very few. This search and information had been made studying the
communications systems of the other planet.
There were people who had given their lives to save others, people who
had renounced the evil lives they had led and became reformed in their ways.
Yes, she had to give a balanced report and had sought out people who had served
faithfully in a lifetime of suffering and drudgery and could only be described
as most spiritual by their readiness to forgive others who had caused them so
much pain. Other people had lost some of their families and again showed great
courage in forgiving the perpetuators of the evil deeds that caused their
suffering. Contrastingly, with regard to the majority of the peoples` leaders,
both religious and political, some had fought their way to the top and to stay
there they often compromised what little honesty and integrity they had. Soon
they themselves were caught up in the corrupting force of material power.
Without the basis of true teachings for guidance, and acting as leaders, they
made errors and some of these were terrible mistakes in judgement leading to
more wars and more suffering for their peoples. The reports continued and soon
the delegates could see for themselves the deep level of study that had been
undertaken of the planet by their Commander and crew with the report shown to
be most balanced. Another day’s conferencing soon drew to a close and it was
agreed that the next day would be one of suggestions both from the floor and
from their honoured guests. The delegates in the Great Hall then spoke of
another planned flight in a year’s time and sending a larger team.

All too soon the crew arrived at the ships terminal a year later and the Commander welcomed them on board. There were a few new faces as some of her former crew had taken longer leave with their
families because of their slower mental recovery from the other planet, but
sent their messages of love to everyone on board for a successful outcome of
their expedition. Lifting gently from their position on the apron they took up
the hover position and went through their checks. The command was given and the
huge ship tilted slightly and gracefully glided silently away gaining height
all the time until they cleared the atmosphere of their planet. The next
command was to set course for the other planet and this they did with monitors
showing and confirming their progress through space. The ship was designed to
make easy such journeys and was equipped with advanced technology to avoid the
five-dimensional `rocks and coastlines` of space. The wonders of time travel
were again activated and soon they would see once again the other planet.

Soon the spiral arm of the galaxy in which their new discovered planet lay, became visible on their monitors. The new course settings were seen altering on the waypoints as corrections were made by their
technology. Their time travel would then cease and normal space flight would
take over. Life on board was pleasant with duties interspersed with leisure
time. Everyone had been talking of their year’s holiday and how they had spent
their time with families and friends.
Laughter could be heard in some of the rest areas as funny experiences
were remembered once again to the amusement of those on board. The whole ship’s crew however, fell silent
as normal space flight was activated. They knew they would soon be arriving to
see once again the horrors of warring practices on this terrible Earth planet.
They had calculated that wars broke out within a few years of each other and
again the possibility was high that a war may now be raging between nations.
They were right; as they now approached the planet they could pick up the sound
of explosions in a particular area, which meant another war had begun. …………………

They studied again the events that led up to this war and saw how the downward spiral of new atrocities were accelerating which was part of the strategy of corrupt decisions made. The opposing leaders
at war were appearing themselves in their communication networks portraying
themselves as good people carrying out good decisions to help everyone. The
crew continued in silence to monitor these terrible events unfolding before
them and some members of the ship’s crew had to be taken to the treatment rooms
to receive healing energy for their traumatised minds once again.

Their treatments consisted of six of the crew standing around each treatment couch while positioning themselves at the head and feet of each individual and two on
either side. The six held hands in the order adopted for receiving power
through their bodies and as the healings were visualized in their minds, they
quietly went about this curative work of the mind. Their hands rested on the
body of each crewmember on the couches and soon the heat of their hands
confirmed the flow of divine healing both to mind and body. When the hands
eventually cooled they knew the crewmember being treated had absorbed the necessary
level of energy and as he or she was now in a state resembling sleep, they
quietly withdrew, to leave one person behind to tend to their needs when they
came round again.

Such was Earth’s devastating effect every day on the spiritual world of enlightened people who wished peace on Earth through compassion for each other. One holy
messenger said that even the stones would weep if this was not so.T.G.

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