Lynn Mystic-Healer
  • 68, Female
  • Happy Camp, CA
  • United States
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About Me/Us:
We have a dream and need you support!!!!We need new GOVT. JOBS THAT FOCUS ON THE Soul (love and light ) Activation Process that will help will shift this planet into a Soul-ution based planet! We need new Age Soul(love and light) jobs that are metaphysical services to create OUR new earth Govt! We are in a Spiritual Emergency on this planet and all the answers are within each person's own SOUL MATRIX CONNECTIONS TO HEAL THEM HEAL AND RESURRECT NEW LIVES DIRECTLY FROM SOURCE! We need your help to develop the best new age healing and teaching social service jobs, health care jobs, at risk youth jobs, and the best NEW AGE HEALING AND RECOVERY FOR THIS PLANET--- THE SOUL ACTIVATION PROCESS WILL CREATE NEW JOBS ------------------- MY CDS CAN BE USED INSTEAD OF LONG TERM DRUG THERAPIES AND--- Below is the work we are doing-- WE ARE STARTING A LOVE AND LIGHT CENTER--- HERE IN HAPPY CAMP---- MY NEW MAILING ADDRESS IS --Lynn Mystic-HealerPO BOX 33 Happy Camp- 96039If you want to help us-----Please, see my website and put money into my website-- on my workshop page-- My channeled Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook- that Teaches a 5 step Soul Activation Process that is THE BEST WORLD HEALING AND PEACE PROCESS FOR THIS PLANET RIGHT NOW..! I love doing this process more than massage therapy, more than reiki, more than medical Hypnotherapy, art therapy, music therapy, acupuncture-- and more than any RN NURSING I EVER DID. IT IS THE ONLY Healing Art than can be used to UNITE ALL RACES, genders, ages AND RELIGIONS AND IT IS FAST, simple, OMNISCIENT INNER GUIDANCE AND INVOKES THE LOVE AND LIGHT SOUL ENERGY Healing that can help dispel this planet's darkness. As you know, the Soul Activation Process enhances and adds to all the other wonderful alternative healing modalities out there but is the only one that can unite all human beings via each Soul Activation, practice and focused use. We are staring a LOVE AND LIGHT CENTER IN HAPPY CAMP-CA & LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR EMOTIONAL, FINANCIAL, MARKETING AND PHYSICAL HELP! Very exciting times---- I am starting more 2 day Workshops/seminars and the webcam classes for Teaching and certifying practitioners to use the Soul Activation Process to help create new earth love and light healing and peace jobs that can also help alleviate the drug wars, suicides and violence in the cities. 300 cities have passed peace resolutions and have stated ,"We will take money from the defense Dept. to help our cities in America." Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Founder of the US PEACE DEPT.) knows and believes in this simple WORLD HEALING AND PEACE PROCESS. We need your help because the money is now being given to start peace colleges with books about conflict resolutions and lawyers are involved and more paperwork and more talks and more WHITE AMERICAN BOOKS.... THAT FOCUS ON THE PROBLEMS FROM THE OLD EGO MIND TEACHINGS. Like CPR training-- My Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook teaches a 5 step Soul Activation Process that will help unite, transform, heal and create new earth jobs focused on love and light healing energies, breathwork and THE BEST INNER DIVINE GUIDANCE to find the answers to RESURRECT a new life. The answers are within each person's Soul energies. By Teaching and certifying new Soul Activation Practitioners in this simple fast 2 day seminars----- We will be helping create new earth jobs that focus on giving intentional love and light energy medicine, finding new directions from higher power, new ways to cope with life problems, breath work, how to find self love to attract real love, how to astral travel, time travel, access all drug highs, talk to joy guides when depressed, Guardian angels when feeling fearful and... on and on like the Internet---- OUR SOUL MATRIX IS UNLIMITED AND ONLY COMES WHEN ASKED FOR AND IT IS ONLY FROM LOVE AND LIGHT INTELLIGENCE.. WITH HEALING, MESSAGES, AND WISDOM. THE MORE PEOPLE that can be paid to focus on this simple healing method that works for all ages, races and religions by Activating and using the Soul INNER.NET-- the faster we can dispel this planet''s darkness for each other.We are all just human beings that forgot or became too fearful to seek,ask, open, and receive heaven that is within and all around us. THE OLD EGO MIND paradigms are destroying this earth------ AND FOCUS ON MORE AND MORE WARS AND DRUG WARS AND PROBLEMS. Whatever we focus on grows.... the power of our thoughts and intentions is well known now! We need new jobs that are healing and focused on higher Soul power connections and inner guidance and inner peace and can be taught and used to help unite all human beings regardless of gender, race, age or religion with no HARMFUL side effects. We are in a Spiritual Emergency on this planet and the Soul Activation Process can find all the answers we need to help individuals and SAVE THIS PLANET & BRING HEAVEN TO EARTH...teach--- re-focus-- teach people about their true intergalactic Soul power connections from all love and light energies and use our chakra system, psychic powers, astral travel to past lives future times, meet directly with deceased relatives, spirit guides, go to other planets, akashic records, find out about your life chart, soul purpose, and why you are sick, angry, upset, stuck, depressed, anxious, HAVING RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS, --whatever --- FIND OUT DIRECTLY FROM SOURCE! I PRAY ALL IS WELL FOR YOU AND EVERYONE IN THE CHURCH (JOURNEY WITHIN) Please, let them know what a blessing they have been in my life and how much I love them..... and appreciate them for all they have done for me.... I pray to be able to come and teach a 2 day work shop in the Fall or next year--- Please, Watch my website for upcoming events--- please, get people to sign my petition that came from DEEPAK CHOPRA, WAYNE DYER, MARIANNE WILLIAMSON AND GREG BRADEN---- WE MUST SHIFT THIS PLANET'S CONSCIOUSNESS FROM INSIDE OUT AND BRING THIS PLANET TO A SOUL CENTERED PLANET! We are all just human beings that have enough life lessons THAT WE HAVE TO LEARN without adding drug wars and killing wars... and SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME AND MONEY ON DARKNESS --- We have the Internet and can unite and bring this planet into a Soul -Union based planet. Nameste for Agape,Lynn Mystic-Healer and millions of lightworkers, energy healers, body mind and spirit people, indigos and crystal children who want to BE OF LOVE AND LIGHT SERVICE TO our GOVT WHICH CAN LEAD THIS PLANET INTO THE LIGHT AND BRING HEAVEN TO EARTH VIA EACH PERSON'S OWN DIVINE SOUL MATRIX!
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Angel books,Psychic books, Spiritual books
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‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
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