Gary Beckwith
  • 57, Male
  • Burlington, VT
  • United States
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Shalom, Salam, Peace

Profile Information

About Me/Us:
I am an activist, truth seeker, spiritualist, environmentalist, solar energy engineer, writer, musician, hypnotherapist. But more than anything I like to see myself as a humble servant.

I love to be in the beauty of the earth - the outdoors, hiking, biking, sailing, camping. I prefer quiet, peaceful, and non-polluting activities. I'd rather go sailing than waterskiing. I'd rather go cross country skiing than downhill.

It's hard to decide what to do with the limited time I have here on earth. I want to do my part in helping the earth, and helping people. But there are so many things I could do. Should I focus on the environment? Should I focus on spirituality and peace? Should I focus on helping individuals (I'm a hypnoerapist)? Should I focus on reaching out to people with my music? Or maybe I should give away everything I own and work at the soup kitchen. I get upset at all the problems in the world and just want to do *something.* So I have a lot of projects at various stages of development and i jump around from one to the other, finish a few, start new ones, dream about others, .... At the same time, I recognize that my path also involves balance and I need to work on myself too. Know what I mean?

I firmly believe that we have only touched on the human potential. In nearly every aspect of our existence, there are new doors to open. We have undiscovered abilities to utilize our minds and the Universal Mind in ways we haven't even thought of. We have ways to create energy and live in harmony with the Earth that we have not discovered. It is my hope that our society starts to turn our attention towards these pursuits in the near future, as I feel we've been preoccupied with commercialism, instant satisfaction, and materialism in the past.

One of my main outlets is working in the renewable energy field. I have jumped around within the field. I started out as a solar energy system designer, and then moved to writing and teaching about the subject. Now my Solar Bus project rolls on.

In the 1990s I took a class on comparative religion. I was frustrated by the class, and how it seemed to focus on the differences. I wrote a term paper on the similarities. I was searching for a book that focused on the similarities in a really simple way and couldn't find one, so I expanded on my term paper and wrote this book:

Lately I've been trying to focus on my music. I believe music is extremely powerful. In just a few seconds, music can chnage your mood, evoke a memory, motivate or inspire, and even yes make people angry. I like to be a conduit for music that is positive and peaceful and spiritual, to help open people's minds and send out positive energy. My roots are in rock and roll, and my heart is in the New Age. My mind is in both. The music that flows through me reflects this. I'm working on a CD.

I'm a vegetarian; I love animals and I know it's good for the earth and my body, so it's just a no-brainer for me. I try to minimize my impact on the environment in everything I do. I take things pretty seriously, but at the same time I'm pretty goofy and I really need to have fun in everything I do. It's like that saying, "If it's not fun, why do it?" I sort of have a twist on that... I like to do things that are both fun AND good - I don't think the two are mutually exclusive.

In a nutshell, my life is an effort to minimize my negative impact and maximize my positive impact on my own spiritual path, and in my outer world as well.

I believe in the Universal Spirit - the interconnectedness between all of us and all creation. I believe Peace is possible.

Relationship Status:
It's Complicated
Brother Sun Sister Moon, Pay it Forward, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dr. Strangelove, Into the Wild, Peaceful Warrior, What The Bleep Do We Know, Mindwalk, Animals are Beautiful People,
Don't have one
Crosby Stills & Nash, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, CCR, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Django Reinhardt,

Folk, Rock, Folk-Rock, Gypsy Swing
non-fiction how-to and self-help spirituality books like "How to Meditate," "How to Use Your Psychic Abilities," "Lucid Dreaming," etc...
Tao of Physics, Be Here Now, The Essential Unity of The World's Religions, Emmanuel's Book
John Lennon, Gandhi, MLK, St. Francis of Assisi, Al Gore, Dennis Kuinich, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Abbey Hoffman, Edgar Cayce, Edgar Mitchell

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At 8:01pm on November 9, 2009, Yaron Fishman said…
Happy Birthday Gary!!

Namaste brother :)
At 5:57pm on October 14, 2009, Yaron Fishman said…
human peace sign
At 1:40am on May 25, 2009, Patricia Ann Thompson/Author said…
Thank You Very Much For Accepting My Friendship-Patricia Ann Thompson/Author-Crossing Over And Returning As Gods Messenger/And Returned With The Message Of Love
At 3:44pm on April 19, 2009, Caduceus - the book said…
Hello, I thought that my book which identifies the common element in all religions and spiritual movements might be of interest, further info at:
At 7:02pm on February 16, 2009, Veronica Wilson said…
liked reading what you had to say, it is hard to try to do "something" when there is soo much that needs our help, and it feels like not enough of us are out there, sometimes, anyways
At 9:16am on February 11, 2009, MiraCulous said…

“I believe that if we really want human brotherhood to spread and increase until it makes life safe and sane, we must also be certain that there is no one true faith or path by which it may spread.”

~Adlai Stevenson

Thank you for your continuos contribution to this Mystical Mission, You are loved and appreciated ♥
At 1:50pm on January 27, 2009, elaine said…
= )
At 10:14am on January 3, 2009, MiraCulous said…
Hello Brother Gary :)

It is such a pleasure and honor to connect with you, isn't it wonderful how we are all being united! What a gift from the universe it is bringing us amongst our like-minded (& spirited) brothers & sisters <3

Being that we share a natural "affinity for Francis" (among many other things!)

I bring you one of my favorites...It is so beautifully done! :)


Peace* Love* Light* Joy* Hope* Understanding* Pardon* Giving*

& All things Good ;)

‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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