How do we go about encouraging others to think 'peace' before they react in a different way, that is what we need to do. We are already converted. Any suggestions?

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Yes, just be that. People will do as you do more than they'll do as you say.
I think, that we should try to help people to find the inner peace and the tolerance. Most of the conflicts appear from being stuck with the different ideas.
Actions speak louder than words. Be the peace you wish to see.
I suggest them to read the book "WHAT GOD WANTS" and take it seriously. Deep thinking about all the ideas which are fundamental, which are literally creating human behavior, will help them change the ideas.
They immadiatelly will understand the ROOTs of all conflicts and how to avoid them effectively, after reading this book.

I have already read it - together with my life-partner / soul-mate so I know how powerful it is. ;)
(it has already helped to change lives of many people literally over-night).
Thanks for all your replies. I will seek out the book. The people I was referring to are the ones who do not want to see, those who would not read a book, nor gain anything from seeing kindness, love or empathy shown to others. These people are amongst us and they are the ones that I wondered if any of you have ever been able to get through to.
I believe that is the moment we stop looking at for onself and we stretch out the hand we embrace our next man with really unselfish love or this is fellowman or is animal, plant or rock


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