I was raised in a family who work in classified projects throughout this nation.I was taught and tutored by them and expected to go into some field of research to make my contribution to society.During that time I had a unusual experience that caused me to think about the ethic's and morality of science.During my study times with family and teachers I would ask them at times about they How they felt on the issue of morality in connection with science....That"s when I found out about some of work they were involved in at the Nevada test range and Los Alamos National Lab.Looking back I can see where God likes to throw a fly in the ointment to make people think and reflect.I started to develop psychic abilities that enabled me to really dial in to where they were coming from in there outlook and why..Sometimes I would hit that nerve that really bothered them and I'd hear we have people working 24/7 to make our world a better place to live on.It was a eye opening experience for me to be surrounded by Genius to see many of them who seemed so confident in there work and yet when in private conversation find out that,, even thou they defended there work I could tell how these people constantly struggled with the ethic,s and morality of it.So given that,, In reflection on solutions on how to help I was given this,,All things in creation are combined in ONENESS.... I realized this before and when understood it really makes a dramatic difference in our outlook on everything ..Everything we view is then looked at much differently,,we begin too see everything with eyes that see from our soul.I find that,,, If I don,t remember the oneness aspect of ( life/creation ) then I will separate things in Gods creation and not look at them the correct way.I think the way to solve many problems facing the world/us is to look more at the oneness and then teach other how to,I know that if we ourselves do this everyday it will make on impact on the heart and soul and open doors to change for many...If I set my wrist watch alarm to go off every hour when that happens then that's when I will be thinking about oneness,, become more fully aware of oneness so then my outlook will be different and I will see and be in oneness,, feel know and be part of everything of god and all things,I think to myself if everyone could get to do this and practiced it everyday until it became second nature for us the world would be much more peaceful forgiving loving and compassionate.How could one hurt another in anger if we lived in oneness? How could people to things that would negatively effect anything if they were always aware of the oneness of all things in Gods creation.? With knowledge there comes responsibility,,The Realization of Oneness gives us a view that is in tune with everything....And we would be responsible by our realization ....SacredStormDreamer

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‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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