Is Captain Chelsey B. Sullenberger III from the USAirways flight1549.. the Reincarnation of the "Titanic's Captain Edward J. Smith"

Is there any connection between Captin Sullenberger and Captain Edward J. Smith of the Titanic..

This is From the David Wilcock Blog.. at

This compares information to the Titanic event..
to observe the "Mirror" effect of roles & events.. Showing the possible polarities that occured..

-this is especially interesting to me because of
David's apparent similarities to Edgar Cayce..

and now we are Seeing the Similarities between The President & Mrs. Obama.. to
Queen Tiye and King Akhenaton of Ancient Egypt..

And I have also heard on Coast to Coast AM..
the "channeled" information from the futurist/researcher Gordon Michael Scallion
that President Obama is "also" the Reincarnation of Abe Lincoln..

the 1st & 3rd pictures are just "fusion" of the two men.. but when I googled each of these
photos separately and joined them together with my PhotoScape free software.. just within the hour of this post.. I was really surprised and amazed at the similarities..

for many more "thought to be" Reincarnated for this present moment.. try this link:
and related links..

even if these are just Similarities.. the Sychronicities are very Compelling..

this is from the Blog titled:
US Airways '333' Miracle Bigger Than We Think... Saturday 1 / 17 / 09 [Updated 1/18]


Where was I (David Wilcock) when I first found out what happened?
Office Max, as it turns out.

Larry Seyer and I were shopping for two new office chairs when we saw that a commercial airliner had crash-landed into the Hudson River.

The footage was on some of the TVs they were selling. There was no audio and it was submerged at that point, surrounded by boats.
We feared the worst, as the sound was down on the TVs and we couldn’t hear anything.

I immediately realized this could be seen as the next 9/11 — and either consciously or subconsciously seen as a symbol of the overall "crash" of the economy.

Just after we’d had enough time to think, with regret, about the new wave of panic and fear this could create in the public, we saw footage of people being rescued, and text suggesting that everyone had survived, with no life-threatening injuries.

I immediately saw that a great symbolic gesture had been given — but it wasn’t until today, when I watched the footage and saw the 3:33, that the full extent of it hit me.
Naturally, I was very excited, and rushed to write this piece even though I have urgent deadlines in other areas I am struggling to fulfill.


Let’s look at the hero’s name for a bit and see just how deeply the synchronicity goes.

The first name carries some interesting clues. According to, the name Chelsey "originally derives from the Old English for chalk wharf, applied descriptively to the neighborhood of Chelsea in London."

If you stopped there, you might not get it… as more specifically, the chalk wharf being discussed is none other than the River Thames — England’s most important river, running right through the heart of London:

The origin of the "Chelsea" name is disputed. Spellings such as Chelcheya and Chelchythe are amongst many which appear on old documents.
However, it is likely that it means "Chalk Wharf" as traces of chalk can now be seen at low tide in the River Thames.

It is interesting that the man who pulled off a river landing directly alongside New York City — one of the most stunning moments in the history of manned flight — has a first name that is synonymous with a river directly alongside London.

As a brief update, one of the commenter's on this blog said that the media has gotten the pilot’s name wrong, and it is actually ‘Chesley.
Remember — with synchronicity, you take what actually is being said.
The name that is being used in the media IS the message — even if there was an apparent ‘mistake’ in the spelling.


Now let’s take a look at the second half of his last name — Sullenberger.

This online German-English translator says that in German, the word "Berger" means sheep dog.

The word "Berg" means mountain — as in iceberg — likely implying the terrain German sheep dogs would work, since you cannot easily raise vegetables on mountain land, but you can raise livestock there. says that "Berger is a relatively common last name. It means mountaineer in Dutch and German, and shepherd in French."

So, we have some very potent metaphors here: the shepherd who works on the mountain.

Please note I am in no way suggesting Capt. Chelsey Sullenberger is a Messianic / Christ figure — but it is very interesting that his name has these connotations.

Many esoteric teachings assert that we are living in a time where the Christ Consciousness is awakening in many people.
With terms like "miracle" being widely used to describe Sullenberger’s actions, it is indeed interesting that his last name contains a reference to the "shepherd on the mountain."

Without the guidance of this careful shepherd, the 155 people on board the plane would have died.
The shepherd’s job is to lead them all home safely — and he succeeded.


What about the first half of his name — sullen?

Sullen derives from the same words as solemn, and the original root word is alone.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Captain ‘Sullen’-berger has so far refused any public appearances — he is indeed a loner.

Once we drill down a little deeper, the particular word ‘sullen’ has specific meanings, as indicated here from
1. showing irritation or ill humor by a gloomy silence or reserve.
2. persistently and silently ill-humored; morose.
3. indicative of gloomy ill humor.
4. gloomy or dismal, as weather or a sound.
5. sluggish, as a stream.
6. Obsolete. malignant, as planets or influences.

Therefore, the first half of Sullenberger’s last name could easily refer to the attitude that the average person has taken on in these difficult times: irritation, ill humor, gloomy silence and reserved.

It is as if they have been under a "malignant planet" in astrological terms,
drawing off of the obsolete version of the word.


A name analysis therefore reflects what we actually do see happening:

By his miraculous landing in the river next to the central city of the modern-day world (Chelsey), Sullenberger’s ‘miracle’ has provided leadership — to ‘shepherd’ (Berger) an irritated, gloomy and morose (Sullen) world into a remembrance of the Divine that weaves through their lives.


Now that it is Sunday and I am updating this piece, there are interesting new angles to explore.

I was already seeing that this Miracle of Aviation was not only like the reverse 9/11, it was also like the reverse of the Titanic.

It never even occurred to me, until I got this letter, to explore whether there was any connection between Captain Sullenberger and Captain Smith of the Titanic.

Did this soul reincarnate, having the opportunity to repeat the same experience, but with a remarkably different outcome?

Michael North believes this is the case.
And I will share his letter with you as he deserves credit for coming up with this idea.
We can assume that the "Michael" he speaks about here is his own Inner Voice — something we all have the potential to access.

I’ve worked up a simple comparison shot as well. The likeness is not exact, but there’s enough there to make it interesting.


Here’s how Michael’s letter read when I first saw it:

So, like, it seemed impossible to me that this was "an accident" when that plane landed safely in the Hudson River in NYC. Too many things went right.

So I asked Michael and they said immediately that he was Edward J. Smith, Captain of the Titanic. No pictures of the pilot were out yet.

Now we learn that the pilot is a safety expert, is an accident investigator for the NTSB, is on the Air Line Pilots’ Union Board as the safety expert, and runs a safety consulting company out here where he lives and works at UC Berkeley on safety issues.

So here is the pilot:
Now here are some pictures of him as Captain Edward John "E.J." Smith. We are lucky this time that the facial features are so alike — but check out the eyes.

He is on the right here:

He landed that plane within a mile of the dock where he would have berthed the Titanic.

It was between the two main ferry terminals for the NY to NJ service, right in front of the Harbormaster and NYPD and NYFD fireboats.

He went as far as 25 blocks in the water without flopping it.

This is what we were talking about when we said anything is possible during the nexus — and some things will seem almost impossible to believe.

Welcome back, Captain Smith! Nicely done.

Michael North


Even if this is not an actual case of reincarnation, it is nonetheless intriguing to meditate on the ‘vibrational similarity’ between these two men, and between these two events.

Is it possible that a soul could specifically return to fulfill a mission?
To repeat something he couldn’t solve the first time, and become a worldwide hero this time?

To re-program the mass consciousness of humanity with new information?

Could this soul set out to do this mission from before it was ever born?

To deliberately choose its parents, and influence their decisions, to give him a name that would hold subconscious power in the minds of humanity — spelling out the exact nature of the mission he came to fulfill?

Could everything he worked for have led up to this moment, to help create the defining moment between the Era of Fear and the Era of Awakening?

A mere five days before the inauguration of the first black President in American history?


The sinking of the Titanic was an epic signal in the mass subconscious of humanity that our bloated, materialistic, opulent ways were not sustainable.

Now 9/11, and the economic troubles we are seeing, have reflected that fact.

We have seen our fear, identified it within ourselves, and healed.
Thus, the world we know is changing…
and the same players now have different roles to fulfill.

Captain Sullenberger’s landing is the energetic equivalent of the healing of the Titanic disaster.
It is also a reflection of the healing within ourselves, the mass public.

Again, he should not be worshiped or seen as anything different than the rest of us.
The important part here is that we all have a job to do.
We may never know what it is, but when it happens we will do it spontaneously.

for much more on the 333 sychronicities of this event David Blog post and his website: is amazing!

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wow! that's great you got them all here together! that's co crazy how the plane came in so close to where the titanic would have docked! you know another thing that I tied into it was that Kate Winslet who was in the movie Titanic of course, she won two awards in the same night!! that was just a few days before it happend. I wonder if the people on the plane were some of the passengers who were on the titanic?! I find it very odd that the captain and none of the crew das made any statements....reports have come out that the plane a couple days before was having isssues...passengers on that same plane said they heard loud bangs and it was a very scary one point the captain (not sure if it was the same captain or not) said that they would be returning to the airport, but then he did some checks and said they would be okay to continue on....then a couple days later that plane goes is VERY rare that a plane goes down like that and birds hit BOTH engines causing them to fail/ fall out...

the passengers on that plane ride said they also heard "bangs", one man said he saw a fire outside the window, then smoke filled the cabin....would all of this happen because of birds? hmmm it is very odd to say the least...
check this out, some interesting things stuck out on the wikipedia;

On 18 April, the Carpathia docked at Pier 54 at Little West 12th Street in New York with the survivors. It arrived at night and was greeted by thousands of people. The Titanic had been headed for at 20th Street. The Carpathia dropped off the empty Titanic lifeboats at Pier 59, as property of the White Star Line, before unloading the survivors at Pier 54. Both piers were part of the Chelsea Piers built to handle luxury liners of the day.

Once the massive loss of life became clear, White Star Line chartered the cable ship CS Mackay-Bennett from Halifax, Nova Scotia to retrieve bodies. Three other ships followed in the search, the cable ship Minia, the lighthouse supply ship Montmagny and the sealing vessel Algerine. Each ship left with embalming supplies, undertakers, and clergy. Of the 333 victims that were eventually recovered, 328 were retrieved by the Canadian ships and five more by passing North Atlantic steamships. For some unknown reason, numbers 324 and 325 were unused, and the six passengers buried at sea by the Carpathia also went unnumbered.[36] In mid-May 1912, over 200 miles (320 km) from the site of the sinking the Oceanic, recovered three bodies, numbers 331, 332 and 333, who were occupants of Collapsible A, which was swamped in the last moments of the sinking. Several people managed to reach this lifeboat, although some died during the night. When Fifth Officer Harold Lowe rescued the survivors of Collapsible A, he left the three dead bodies in the boat: Thomas Beattie, a first-class passenger, and two crew members, a fireman and a seaman. The bodies were buried at sea from Oceanic.[37]

331,332,and 333 were probably the most critical moments of the plane rescue!!

The Californian warned the ship by radio of the pack ice because of which the Californian had stopped for the night, but was violently rebuked by Titanic senior wireless operator, Jack Phillips. At 23:50, the officer had watched this ship's lights flash out, as if the ship had shut down or turned sharply, and that the port light was now observed. Morse light signals to the ship, upon Lord's order, occurred five times between 23:30 and 01:00, but were not acknowledged. (In testimony, it was stated that the Californian's Morse lamp had a range of about four miles (6 km), so could not have been seen from Titanic.)[26]

~those numbers also come to 33:30
jeez..that is amazing.. and YOU are really GREAT at this Stuff..
man.. You Should go over to DivineCosmos.Com and register for David Wilcock's Blog..
girl you blown me away!
I gotta Wrap my head around the Sync's.. I am Starting to accept the flow of the
Returning (or Renewal) of all this MATH that is Rising again.. girl at this rate "Atlantis" could just
pop right up out of the Water and we wouldn't even be surprised..
Gee this is a lot of Stuff coming through.. I am Still trying to adjust to the huge effect and Transition of the new Administration, and everyone shaking the fairy dust off of us after the "Wizard Jr.W" left the building.. and Like in The Wiz.. Everyone on the planet is starting to get their marbles back.. hee..hee!
I will be back to see this tomorrow great job! outstanding! whew!


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