I've spent the last about 3 years searching for eco-friendly products. I've had some luck on the internet (I'll post some links). But it has been difficult, especially in local stores. Finally now I'm starting to see more products locally. It's very unfortunate that it is so hard to find products that aren't harmful to us and the environment. It seems pretty backwards. But hopefully now that people are becoming more aware, that will change.(In fact it seems to be already) Many of these products cost a lot more than the regular products that most people are used to. I also hope that will change, because I know many more would make the earth-friendly choice(even if they don't understand the importance of it) if they could afford it. Although, there are some you can make yourself and that is considerably cheaper than the conventional products. I clean houses using all natural cleaning products, some of which I make myself(I will also post some recipes, very simple). I'm wondering what it is like where other people live(SD seems to be pretty behind on things), is it easy to find enviromentally safe products? Are there a lot of people that use them? Do they cost a lot more than conventional products? I would really like to know your thoughts on this. And what it is like other places.

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I use "green works" for some things and it seems to be pretty safe. It's 99% natural and as far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be any harmful ingredients. But you are right, many products are advertising natural and organic, but that doesn't mean they are 100%. If fact many have a very small % of natural or organic ingredients. Unfortunately some companies are only trying to make money and capitalizing on the "green movement".

I've switched almost everything to all natural or organic, or things made from recycled materials. It has literally taken about 3 years. And it was very hard b/c of all the things you named above. But it does seem like they are getting easier to find and some are getting to be cheaper. I would assume, the more people that switch to these products, the more available and less expensive they will get. Hopefully before too long this will become the norm. I really think this will help, being able to share and discuss with others who care. This is really wonderful!
This is wonderful and I'm really inspired as well -- I think it's true that all natural and organic products are getting easier to find. I've definitely been noticing that more and more people are striving to be environmentally friendly.. yay :) I'm glad we can share our experience, knowledge and inspiration!
Tom's toothpaste is great - I just started using it a few months ago
Aveda is another good company - I just switched from the cheap shampoo/conditioner to some of theirs and it's great


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