I was writing this as a reply to a recent post and thought I should take it out and share it here since this is an environmental group.

Today, my son just threw out one of those inflated toy. One of those that you blow into and let out the air so it makes a farting noise. That only lasted him a day. Some of these toys only lasted a couple of hours, some perhaps a week and that's it. Imagine how many millions of these toys ended up in our landfill.

I will NEVER ever buy these toys. Sadly many unconscious people would and give them away as gift too. We have several of these from concert, parties,etc. - big inflated toys like baseball bat, oversize hammer, sword,etc. Just imagine how much waste for such short period of fun. It seems to me, man is creating more and more unnecessary rubbish.

It's just hard to imagine that in this day and age where environment issues is so widely known, people are still doing things that they could so easily stop doing for the sake of our Earth. Sometimes I see shopping carts, filled with like10 or 20 plastic bags of stuff. It cost only 99cents to get a cloth bag and it can be re-used endlessly.

Keeping the peace is good but sometimes I think the rage I feel inside is perhaps a good thing as it acts as a catalyzer for action. What we needed is environment education in this area. We need people who to make videos and show the world how their daily actions affect our earth. Anyone out there?

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~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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