Disinfectant: 3 tbsp. organic liquid soap (I use Dr.Bronner's Magic Soaps:
20-30 drops tea tree oil
2 cups water

Glass Cleaner: 2 tbsp. vinegar or lemon juice
1 gallon water

Floors: 1/4 cup vinegar
4 cups water

Carpet: club soda- use right away, then blot w/ rag
cornmeal- to absorb big spills

spot cleaner: 1/4 cup liquid soap
1/3 cup water
- blend until foamy- spray on then rinse w/ vinegar

Clogged drains: 1/2 cup baking soda followed by 2 cups boiling water
- then if needed 1/2 cup baking soda followed by 1/2 cup vinegar- cover- then flush w/ 1 gallon boiling water

Fruit and Veggie Wash: 1 tbsp. lemon juice
2 tbsp. vinegar
1 cup water
- spray and rinse

-also to remove hard water stains around faucets and drains: spray on vinegar and sprinkle w/ baking soda- then scrub- this may take a few times but will eventually take it all off

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ohhh watch out for shaving cream!! it's got bad stuff in it....a good alternative is just plain old "conditioner" (it makes your legs really soft too!)-- practically ALL the razor blade companies TEST ON ANIMALS though!! You can try to find a brand from the Organic/ Natural food store, but pretty much all of them that you can buy at the average store are Mean! : (

these products will disinfect! they leave a wonderful fresh smell too!

my favorite cleaning spray (to buy) is from the "Caldrea" brand....their products are Amazing! they smell SOOO good and all you need is a tiny bit, cuz they are really potent (mix with water)! this product can actually make cleaning semi-pleasurable, b/c the smell is AHHH sooo nice, they come in ginger, lavendar, citrus, all kinds of great mixtures ;-)
miss mina, i rarely shave but i am about to run out of the disposable razors i bought literally years ago. do you know of a specific brand that is safe and not cruel?
Hi Bobbi,

I cannot say I do....But I can recommend a few other options. I'm sure you've heard that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker and more coarse, which is true. Taking the hair from the root is better, causing it to eventually grow back less and less. So an at home waxing kit, sugar wax, hemp wax, along with natural biodegradable strips. You can make your own wax in the pan with sugar, water and lemon juice. Or you can invest in an electric machine ( it pulls out the hair very quickly and lasts for quite a few years)....they are cruelty free and don't need replacements either...the reviews are mixed, but they usually always are...

Hope this helps :)
Hey sister,

yesterday I was at the whole foods market and came across these, they were right at the checkout line ;-)
awesome, thank you! i have seen the toothbrushes before, i don't know how i missed the razors
I know right! me too...Your welcome- although I did not even go out of my way to find them ;-)
I'm not sure about the rust ring, it's worth a try. It is a good alternative for comet, but it takes a lot more elbow grease! The disinfectant recipe above, I just put in a spray bottle & shake it up. I should mention, tea tree oil has a very strong smell- don't inhale it- but as far as I can tell it doesn't stick around. (i'm sure you could use essential oils to give it a better scent-i haven't tried any myself, i'm not sure what would mix well w/ the tea tree oil) I've been using that disinfectant in my home & my clients home for about 6 months with no complaints. As far as if it disinfects as well as chemical products, I have no proof, but I've had no problems. There is a brand i've seen called Bright Green- i get their t.p. & napkins- made from 100% recycled paper. recently i saw they have a non-chlorine bleach- i think it said biodegradable, non-toxin. that might be worth looking in to.

I just found this website on tea tree oil
it seems it can be used for more than i thought
I love love love Dr.Bronners and his products!! :)

he was an amazing man....I love how he promotes the "ALL ONE!" message DIRECTLY on the labels!!!

Dr.Bronners fair trade In the Holy Land and how working together will help create PEACE

Natural Cleaning Products being promoted on Oprah

Hi Miss.Kimberly :)

sorry for the delayed response, I have been away for the past week. I missed all you guys! it's good to be back :)

when I found out about all the terrible things in practically ALL of my products ( hundreds upon hundreds of dollars) , I stopped using them immediately! not only do they test on animals, but most of them have extremely harmful stuff in them!! (especially the creams/ lotions/ and formulas)...

I know it is hard to throw away products that you spent your hard earned money on, but money is nothing when it comes to your health! I dumped out all of the stuff and recycled the bottles. It is really an investment to buy well, i'm sure you know this ;-)

to answer your questions....On my trip, I lost some of my make-up, and at first I was pissed. lol but then I realized, I was meant to lose it, b/c it probably has bad stuff in it! (I bought it all before I became aware of all of this) now I have to research new makeup. But I don't even really wear make-up that much anymore. I guess it's one of the things that happen when you begin to transcend your ego....

I can only attest to all of this with one word, and that it "Awakening", once the light of consciousness entered me, it was just a small peek, then as I looked closer and closer, slowly that peek began to grow into a window, than a door, and now I am drenched in the light of truth and awareness. Once you start, you just cannot go back. At least thats how it is for me. Of course I am not 100% there yet, but I like to believe I am on my way. As are you sister and all of us here at mypeace :)

I do not have friends, I don't really feel like I need "friends" anymore, b/c now, I am a friend to myself, and it used to not always be that way. I surrounded myself with so called "friends", and they were anything but. After being hurt by so many people, I closed myself off, I did not want friends anymore. I used to feel lonely and "different" from the people my age, but now I have realized that you don't need anyone to feel loved, liked and accepted. You are already! You are born with that b/c it is already within is just a matter of finding it and believing! <3

Thats why I say and believe "everything happens for a reason", and thank goodness for that!

....being alone actually helped me awaken to myself b/c the noise of the senseless chatter, gossip, and drama were no longer distracting me. I then made my self more available to things that really mattered.

Now I do not just have friends, I have brothers and sisters, and that is even more special to me (being an only child). I love them all and feel connected to all that "is", b/c I know I am part of everything and everything is a part of me <3

Infinite Blessings~*~
I recently put an organic lemon essential oil in my disinfectent, I think I used about 30 drops. It takes the edge off the tea tree oil.

Also Kimberly, I use the disinfectent or just dish soap to clean out my garbage can then put a few drops of the lemon oil. It actually smells like lemon when I open the lid to throw something away! I like the lemon scent but I'm sure you could use any essential oil you like.


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