Does anyone knows whether is "Cascade" advance powder dish washer detergent safe for both our body and the environment? If not what will be the substituted recommendation?

Thanks for your contribution. :)

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It is Not good!.....A. they test on animals, B. it is filled with chemicals that are bad for your body and the environment.

here are some better options, all "cruelty free and eco-friendly";

"Mrs.Meyers" brand- (all of their products are wonderful!, cannot find them at major places though, might have to order online)

I'm not sure if they have dish detergent, but they have a lot of other great cleaning supplies"Caldrea" brand- (again you need a specialty store, or order online)

When shopping for any household products, as long as it says "environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, or cruelty free"--marked visible on the packaging-- then you are Good to Buy ;-)

and always remember, look at the ingredients, it is always better that you can read/ understand what the product is made with, and the shorter the list, the better....

hope this helps!...

Thank you Mina for your feedback.

I have a friend who is looking for help in environmental friendly product and about convincing the CA/San Bernardino Co Health Dept, here is what she said :-

"Need resources to set up non-toxic cleaning regimen for our camp. Must convince CA/San Bernardino Co Health Dept it will keep campers safe."

I beg you have tons of recommendations, links,etc. that I could pass on to her. Not too long ago, I was at the camp site and was disturbed by the fact that they have a lot of lights turned on in large dinning area in the bright daylight. I questioned them about that and was told that it is a requirement by the law for safety reason. It really disturbed me to see unnecessary energy wastage, do you know is there a way around that? Also they left the cabin lights on almost throughout the night for safety reasons. Any link or info. is appreciated.


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