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This topic is intended to help us share our greatest visions about human potential and how we want the world to be in the future. It may not always be easy to be optimistic...but let's see how much we can inspire each other. When you envision the grandest possible future for all people, and the world..what does it look like?

Since we are always evolving, your ideas may change, or you may have new visions....

feel free to share more as you grow :)

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I envision a world in which, living in my own Brilliance, my constant Intention, is to INSPIRE the Brilliance in everyone I ever come in contact with. To always be looking for and inspiring the BEST out of everyone, no matter the situation or experience. Knowing that everyone is God/Divinity/Source Energy/Consciousness experiencing itself as everything and everyone. As the Buddha said... "if you see yourself in everyone, then whom can you harm?" Inspire the Love in yourself, be love, speak love, act love without conditions. Even in the cruelest of situations, give love. Inspire the Brilliance you know is hidden deep inside the confusion, the anger, the frustration, the hopelessness. Love without conditions. Inspire everyone's authenticity and brilliance and you Become the Change you Wish To See and Experience.
Beautiful. Not always easy... Thanks for this recall. Thanks for you.
That all human beings (the animals are pretty much already on the right path) learn to:
ACCEPT that others are different than us and have different opinions...
RESPECT the other people's RIGHT to be different and think differently...
REJOICE in the fact that we are different and have different ways of thinking (because just imagine how BORING and STAGNANT - no change, no new ideas, no surprises, no capacity to learn! - this World would be if we were all exactly the same and thought exactly alike)...
VALUE others - Women, Men, Children, Babies, Adolescents, the Aged, those of different beliefs or cultures or colours or levels of intelligence... EVERYBODY - as just as important in this rich weave of Life as ourselves...
LOVE ourselves (too many people DON'T and that's SO sad) and all others...
CHERISH this BEAUTIFUL planet (and all its lifeforms) on which we are all at home yet often treat with such disdain, greed, or indifference...
We will realize that there is enough for everybody if we simply cooperate and move from a new consciousness. The only thing in which there will be competition will be in games.
It is my hope that the world would see and hear as it was interned for it to do so. I wish that the world would open not the eye of the body but of the spirit to see the wonderfulness of life and being, To hear not just word but that which was not spoken yet understood by every one who want to hear the truth with out judging but for the knowledge for which it brings to all human, I know this is confusing to some yet other know!

Hello Yaron,

My vision is that since the majority of people in the world share a deep desire for creative, cooperative friendship that co-creates the climate of peace in which life enhancing endeavor can flourish and replace the murderous, destructive mindset of looking for "enemies" instead of friends, they will take ACTION on that desire and demand sanity from their political leaders.

I am presently working to encourage people who might have felt helpless or hopeless in making such a change, with a project called, Pledge to make 2011 the New Year of Peace. It requires only 30 minutes a week for sending messages to political leader's emails, faxes and regular mail and to ask friends to do the same. As the numbers increase exponentially, our demands will finally be noticed. Eradication of prejudices and injustices throughout world history have been by the people and the people must again take action together, again!.

Peace and Best Wishes,

Frank Swift


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Finally, Are We Climbing The Steps to a Better World?


My greatest vision is to help as many people as I can before I leave here.

Be it my music,my organization "Notes for Life"( ,fiZTV which is all about promoting the Arts and people that are making a positive impact in the world or any other avenue that will give me the ability to inspire,heal & help others.


Remember...together,we can do "ANYTHING"!

Thank you for being here...I'm wishing you all...


I definitely agree with you that all people should have access to life's basic needs (health, food, water, shelter, etc.) with the option to work for things beyond these basic needs...

If everybody starting giving instead of taking we could eradicate world hunger and world debt in an instant. Its peoples fear of survival that creates greed, need, power, competition and War

Also I have a vision of a place free from unconscious suffering. While we all talk of love and spreading and being in love, I am uncovering more and more that this love, this deep divine love has not been experienced on this planet yet by any being.


If there is judgement, condition and expectation then how can the pure essence of love/truth be experienced on a large scale? My findings so far are showing me it cannot.

My observation is, if we come from the philosophy that we are all one, we are all interconnected (as so many are proclaiming) then for us to experience unconditional love then there would have to be a collective whole expression of love free from all suffering across the whole of humanity and this definitely isn’t the case at this stage of our evolution.


Therefore at this stage I am exploring the idea that we are in fact on an evolutionary journey to being able to experience divine, unconditional love free from suffering when we take responsibility of our roles in the evolution
of real love, real peace and real happiness. We do this by acting from the heart and not the head/brain. (what does this mean for you?) 


This takes conscious awareness and a step of courage into the unknown to detach from our dysfunctional dramas and addictions to the sensations of cravings and aversions. Then open our eyes and look at the universe and the whole of creation as one living organism that we all play a part in. Micro / Macro.


As we open up to this new perspective of reality we then start to see how our actions affect every living thing. We at this point become the architects of our reality and move into the magic and live in the freedom of creation and connect to nature as ourselves. (At present we are detached from nature)


We are nature, we are the love we have been seeking, we are the ones we have been waiting for, and we are the cure or the cause of our demise as a species. We are evolution, we are all that is as an expression of creation.

But as I always like to say and have also observed in my own unfolding is that NOBODY really knows anything and the more we know the less we understand!


The world is an experience that many are trying to work out. Yet when I have stopped trying to work it all out I can actually sit in this magical experience of creation and have gratitude for what is on this planet to be a part of.

We can take part in something so fascinating, so magnificent and so indescribable with words.


Be the peace you want to see in the world. Free yourself within the framework of your body and you free your outer experience of reality.


Transparently Exploring

Simon - on the Sofa



Vision on future humanity is a great thought. I see the humanity without nationalism, religion ,color,
race, cast , feelings , economic differences.  All humanity need to
understand that they belong to one race that is human. Human dignity 
rather than differences, mankind rather than hatred, peaceful thoughts
than   revenge,  helping than power craze is the need of the hour..  I
see countries without borders, states without language barriers,
villages without hunger, people without fear, hatred,and jealousy! I see
our world will be peaceful and gives an opportunity for existence to
live happily to all the human as one family.

Jhansi Premanand

I wish to share a vision that I had this Summer. While I was laying in the Sun and doing my hugging of the Universe. I decided that I wanted to see Our Universe and beyond. When I got to the edge of the Universe. I could see Our Universe and the darkness around it. It looked like a single brain cell with what looked like black strings coming out from it and they were attached to other cells with the same black strings. As I looked further out I could see more of these cells and they were bigger and some of the black strings were lit up and connected to other cells. There was not as much darkness and the cells were now taking on intricate designs and were quite appealing and felt very Peaceful.

The lesson for myself, was that I became aware of the greatness of not only Being a Human Being, but that of just Being.

I feel that the Human race has the potential to create one of the intricate Universes that I have seen in my vision. I know that We can. Everyone is a leader and the greatest leaders are those who help others to lead a Life of positive enrichment for ALL Being. YOU are the creator of YOUR thoughts, make them positive. I know how spectacular You are I hope You do too.

Peace, Love and Happiness for ALL :)

My greatest vision for the world is that the soul's desire for our lives, as felt through the heart's dearest wishes, guides the operation of our practical intellects to manifest soulfulness in the flesh.


‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



We Love Planet EarthPetition for more Positive News & Basic Needs for All


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