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This topic is intended to help us share our greatest visions about human potential and how we want the world to be in the future. It may not always be easy to be optimistic...but let's see how much we can inspire each other. When you envision the grandest possible future for all people, and the world..what does it look like?

Since we are always evolving, your ideas may change, or you may have new visions....

feel free to share more as you grow :)

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I'm sure I'll add more later...but one thing I often visualize is a world in which all people have access to life's basic needs (health care, food, water, shelter, education etc.) with the option to work for things beyond the basic needs...
Like every other Living Thing has done for the last half billion years, we should be here feeding the future of this evolving creation, and should not be consuming creation to build the killing machines being used to enforce, and to defend, the various lies of these nations and religions we have invented here, using mere words issued to defensless children, to cripple, and limit, their potential.
Agreed, in gender, number and grade.
Heal, not kill.
Love, not kill.
Comprehend, not enforce.
Teach, not oblige.
Accept, not impose.
Lead is heavy, and transport costs a lot.
Acknowledgment, feelings, intentions, are light, weightless actually, and easy to spread.
Feed, and seed, shall be our leed. Not lead nor dead.
Live. And leaves.
yes social capitalism
Me too, Yaron, that is no.1
Very well put Yaron, I am in your boat there. Yes, this all might sound a little bit cliché but without those things firmly in place we will never get any closer to our goal. On my blog Marie's World I plan to add a full category to this idea, thanks for the inspiration.
Thank you so much for the texts ; as far as I am concerned I don't agree with the God explanation more than as a hypothesis, which I don't reject, though I was "educated" in religion.
Same sky, same planet, same needs, pains, fears and hopes ... A child needs a blue sky, and beautiful stories. As we do when we are grown. I write and tell stories too. But I can't accept the pseudo-evidence of (a) God imposed by a beautiful tale.
PS I really like your apologizing text, like a prayer to a child...
Humans when spiritually connected with their souls are directly linked to their ancient memories of God.
My greatest vision about mankind passes to the vision of the human, as small like a bubble filled with light, as the same but oppositelly wider bubble of light from the spirit of the One, surrounding us all.
The vision of the small bubble of soap of the big bubble of soap is much too 'beautifuller' than the vision of the bigger to the whole so much infinit times smalller than can't even be expressed .... nor ponderable.
The vision of the sun in my brain is exatcly twice as bigger as those two seen from each foot of myself as well as from any of my hands.
That means.... I'm five times bigger than I think. At least and ... individually inside-my-body-only speaking.
Uniting myself with the whole bringes the whole entirelly back to me... and it is incredible beautiful and deserves a word to express how many times more beautiful than I use to imagine it was....
Sharing believes we spread faith.
Sharing dreams we care, Yaron.
And those we care about... do love us carelly and fairly more than we might know.
The been is one, the Universe is one, we are, each, one.
One we get trully united, in soul, of course, we change it.
It needs it.
I totally agree with you that we must be united in body, mind and spirit to know oneness in our selves and ultimately with all that is.
My vision for humanity is one in which awareness of oneness is a constant practice. To this end, I have written a book, "FearlessMastery: Living in Love" to guide readers to this practice. And I need your help.
I have entered my book in a book-publishing contest. Fearless Mastery is a practice in reuniting with ourselves, other people and the entire planet. When we are whole, we know love.

To qualify for round two of the contest, I need as many people as possible to vote for my 3-minute video book pitch. You do not need to read the book. To vote for the book pitch, go to:

• register as a voter with your email address,
• confirm the address in an email and
• vote for Author number 772.
• Watch the pitch, if you want to! :-)

Then, forward this message to as many people as you can, email it, post it on Facebook, do what ever you can to increase votes.

Also, if you let me know that you voted ( I will forward you a free ebook short story called The Disguise. It contains powerful messages for life.

Thank you for participating in this project of oneness.
This question is addressed by "A New Direction" and "Working Proposal."

Your suggestions are welcome!

Burt / ABC4All
It's very cliche.

I'm waiting (working) for the day that every person of every religion, sexuality, race and even governmental belief finally accepts each other and is tolerant in their beliefs.

Coming from a family where it's all mixed, it's depressing to see it fall apart because of it.


‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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