If everything is me
And everything is love
Why would I continue
To compare, resist, or shove  

It's time to, at last, conclude
I am the ruler of the whole
Instead of allowing sadness
I can rejoice within my soul

I can dance with every breeze
Sing with every bird
Praise the day before me
Counting sadness as absurd

The parts that talk of fear
Insisting life is dull
I can view them as reflections
Exposing what's still a bit sub-tle

I can bring them into the presence
Of my higher wiser part
Comforting the forgotten
Truth within their heart

I can embrace their every doubt
With cherished appreciation
Knowing without the challeng-ing
I might gloat in condemnation

I can sum it up as ONE
No more them nor they, now WE
No separating thoughts
Discarding fals-ity

I can now effect the whole
With affirmative displays
Without the past reactions
I open fresh new bright doorways

I AM the dance
I AM the whole
I AM the truth
I Am the goal

No more the ego's rule
That tells me to defend
I'm free to fly with joy
No matter what my-self may send!

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