There is a book called 'Water and Salt the Essence of Life' that I have found to be indispensable for maintaining good health. You do not have to buy any expensive vitamins, you can obtain all the minerals that a body needs from rock salt and spring water. The book is easy to get hold of, and definitely a must have for anyone who is interested in being responsible for there own wellbeing. I am more than happy to write more on how to use the salt and water together, as it is the combination of the two natural substances in the right quantities that is important, if anyone wishes, but getting the book for yourself is best as there is so much more information in it. I have not written the book myself, nor do I gain anything from extolling its virtues other than spreading the word that health can be obtained without splashing out a great deal of cash. I have used the books recommendations on my family and all of my animals with great success for several years now.

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~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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