I see the masses in a trance, with our children and even adults
who should know better consumed by violent video games, movies and music...
and I am foolish enough to believe by addressing the problem,
I can make a difference... But when I do addresss media violence...
it seems that people want their violent fantasies of wars, cops,
murder mysteries and I can't even stop my 5 year old from believing
that Wonder Dog going after villains is playing into a culture of violence that must
stop... The masses need their violence to make them feel 3D.

I keep on getting the feeling that I need to be ready to
phase out of the Violent 2 D Media and 3D reality and become
a lighter version of myself. I will start getting lighter and more lucid
and then I feel a longing to come back to finish things I started...
I guess my biggest concern that keeps me coming
back are projects I started that I have not completed... and
I just don't want to leave those I love in a belligerent
world if I could possibly make more of a difference in the
physical world than in the spirit.

But I keep getting flash forwards of a better day soon ahead and my soul wants
to get there ahead of my body... It is like a tug of war and I don't know how
to change mass media for my 5 year old.

If we are going to ascend, I don't want to leave the rest of the world in such a
violent state but the war I have going on between me and the war land violence
lovers is still a war... I just need to shake that need to correct the masses in their
brainwashed culture of violence and be peaceful. I am still a work in


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