Do you like to Rhyme?...I know some of us do :)

So let's play a game...

I'll write a line, then someone will reply to my line and add a rhyme, then someone will reply to their line with a rhyme...and so on and so on--each person posting one rhyme at a time...

before we know it we'll have a very very long poem ;)

And feel free to change the rhyme scheme from time to time (though it's sometimes fun to see how long we can keep one rhyme scheme going :) )...

those are the guide lines of the game...let's have fun :)

I'll start it off with this line:

Let's co-create a Rhyme

(***Please scroll down, go to the last page, and reply to the most recent post***)

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the people heal, rise up, and start to engage
as we move on to the next chapter, turning the page
we're learning each stage
and we dance with the stars as we let go of rage
from here to Mars our vibrations raise
in the new view of life out of the cage
with an open heart we give creation praise
I like MyPeace so much I think I'll count the ways
if we start doing that we could go on for days ;)
So in the cave of Peace our Life blood stays...
As our positive thoughts bring peace to mind
we seek and find


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~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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