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This is a discussion area for us to talk about a woman who was called Peace Pilgrim, and the documentary about her life: Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage who Walked Her Talk. If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you click on the link and learn about this very passionate and compassionate woman, who dedicated her life to promoting inner, outer, individual and global peace. I'd love to know what you thought about the film.. what you resonated with (or didn't), and what you enjoyed most. Also, if Peace Pilgrim has inspired you in your life, let us know.. how has her example influenced you? What are your favorite quotes from her? What can we all learn from her as individuals and as a global community?

Thank you for being here and I look forward to your thoughts :)


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What a wonderful Pilgrim.
What a wonderful woman.
What a wonderful story.
In Spirit of Peace Forever
I agree, Marek.. a wonderful story indeed...
I never had heard about her till now...and now is the moment that I am able to receive her message as my own. Timing seems to be everything...especially concerning inner peace. I have written books that have been published that only talk of inner awareness and peace, yet it has taken me years later to actually seek with a steady heart, to walk my talk.

I thank the Lord of peace and of course Yaron and all who put this documentary together...for this timely moment. And it is the day of the full moon~

with loving peace,
Patricia, I know what you mean about learning to walk the talk. With practice, I know I'm getting better at it, but getting to know about Peace Pilgrim inspires me to walk my talk even more so. Something about her that really makes an impression on me is her contagious optimism and unwavering faith in the highest good. I'm so glad you watched this and were moved by her story as I was. Thank you for being here :) ... Love, Blessings and Peace to you (and enjoy the full moon! ;))...
Yaron, Yesterday I spent in meditation...with Peace Pilgrim herself! She is so available to converse with & is totally wanting to help guide us all to that place of peace that lives in our heart. A remarkable exercise was taught to me from her guidance that I want to share with you all...

with knowing there is a place where peace exists in every thought, every event of the past, present & future, every heart, every bit of creation, whether it is God's or our own, .... in All things there is a place of peace...she says to seek that place & watch it all transform from any disturbed, fearful, or confused perspective into a place where peace lives. In the willingness to find that place of peace, a truth arises as to what led me to believe otherwise.

Peace Pilgrim is a beautiful Angelic guide for us all.///p
Patricia.. wow..thank you for sharing this. There have been "coincidences" in my life which really seemed like they were caused by someone who had passed on...and there have been times when I had a feeling that I was being watched and guided by loved ones who had passed. I don't know that I've ever had a back and forth conversation like mediums seem to have (though I've pretended to :)), but I do believe it can be done, and although a part of me is skeptical, I am open to the possibility that you communicated with Peace Pilgrim. About the message to see the place of peace in all things... does that mean we should strive to always see and be aware of the formless spirit from which all forms/things are created?
Exactly! 'Strive' is the perfect word. Because our pre programing is so very intent in perceiving through the 'human' eye, it will take a continual consistent reminder to the 'reality' that we are all only clothed in character...having forgotten our true eternal soul existence in unified oneness. I have her free book now and it is so wonderful. I may be 'pretending' a bit to be hearing directly from her, yet I am absolutely sure I am hearing from my own higher self through my focusing and being open to her essence. She is helping me to trust that part of myself more, having actually seen a person demonstrate that these truths can be lived out while still in this human form. I love her chart of progress in her book...the highs, then lows for years..till finally she was able to remain on the high plateau of conscious divine reality...never dipping into the valley again. The hope of final victory over every delusional aspect of this world she has graced us with, not only in her example, but in her continual availability in the spiritual realm.
I actually had a deceased step son come into my dream state to inform me that he was now available as a helping spirit and urged me to pass the info on to his other family members. I do believe we can all communicate no matter what dimension we are in. I even call upon others living now in this dimension to discuss issues between us...all done on a spiritual plane of request that our higher selves participate. Somehow I just know it was subconsciously felt, heard, and accepted by the person I called upon. Peace is teaching me to pray without ceasing merely by 'striving' to 'always see and be aware of the formless spirit from which all forms/things are created'.
God bless you Yaron in all that you do to echo her well as the others who have 'walked their talk'...or were receptively silent like 'planetwalker'.
peace be with you,
Thank you for answering my question, and helping to remind me of the potential to be even more aware of life's Oneness. Looks like I'll have to check out Peace Pilgrim's book.. it sounds wonderful. Even when we imagine what a conversation is like with someone who passed on, who's to say that they're not communicating in some way without us being fully aware? Perhaps we are often intuitively guided by loved ones in the spirit realm. I do believe that direct and conscious communication is possible, like when your step son visited you in your dream. And since we are all connected (all one), it makes sense that there is great potential for conscious telepathic and vibrational communication despite any perceived distances. I've certainly had a few telepathic experiences... I think we all have at one time or another :).

Now I have some things to ponder... thank you again, Patricia :) ...wishing you peace, awareness, and many blessings...
About 3 years ago, while hiking, I heard and subsequently heeded a calling to actively enter into the world of advocating for peace (especially inner peace). I began getting rid of my personal belongings in order to simplify my life and I began a vegetarian lifestyle so that I was practicing authenticity in my life choices. Especially now that I had just been asked to become the new Executive Director of a local nonviolence education group. While all of these changes were taking place in my life, Peace Pilgrim's book entered into my life and I was absolutely astounded by the similarities between us. Being in my early forties and undertaking dramatic lifestyle changes much in the same way she did, many years earlier and stepping into an active role of promoting peace/nonviolence. I have found her to be a tremendous source of inspiration to me; a kindred spirit in many regards whose message our organization now uses to promote, as a tangible example, how to create a culture of sustainable peace, beginning within ourselves, individually.

Thank you,, for bringing your readers the gifts of Peace Pilgrim! I hope many others will find her life an inspiration for being the change they wish to see in the world and to bring to light the simplistic yet brilliant work of this modern day sage, to others! Pass it along people. Share the goodness.
Thank you for sharing this Caitlin... sounds like her book came into your life at the perfect moment. Is there a specific part of her message that your organization uses.. certain quotes perhaps? It's wonderful to see how she's inspired you to be the change, and I'm sure you're example is inspiring many others as well :)
This is a GRAND video speking about a woman who fulfilled her life mission!
It is so much close to my heart as it resonated greatly with my mission- as a simple Siberian woman who also have been wandering all over siberia - Russia - Eurasia and the world for free just trusting Life and changing the world for a new future

with love from Siberia

Nina Goncharova - a Wanderer
I'm so glad you connected with this Nina! I can only imagine what it's like to travel as much as you do to help make the world a better place... and you still manage to share inspiration through the internet. Have you heard of Peace Pilgrim before watching this film? Looks like you have much in common with her :)


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