I want to know what your opinion of peace is.

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peace is an absense of hatred.
Peace is the offspring of Unconditional-Love and Happiness
Peace like everything else is relative. It has various degree of depth. The depth of your peace shows up in accordance to your spiritual level.
To a person who live in poverty, peace means knowing that there will always be food and shelter.
To a person who is wealthy, peace can mean having harmony and health in life.
To a person who is engulfed with internal emotional turmoil, peace means to have a mind free from suffering.
To a person who is trapped in prison, peace means to be set free.
Peace is a form of liberation.
Some people only find that when they are at death bed. Some never in his/her lifetime.
That liberation comes when we have that deep connection with that oneness (or God, Universal or higher power).
For those highly enlighten beings, that connection is constant, deep and unfailing. It is that, that give them that immense spiritual power to withstand all suffering, be it imprisonment, torture or living in absolute hard conditions. It is that connection that bring forth that enormous level of unconditional love which give birth to that unsurpassed level of forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, wisdom, etc. which is the very embodiment of a highly enlightened being. Jesus at the point of his death, prayed “God forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.”
That is ULTIMATE PEACE. The closer we get to that level of peace individually and globally, the closer Peace on Earth will prevail. I strongly believe it is very POSSIBLE. In order to manifest THAT, we have to focus our mind on THAT, not on the others' greed, selfishness, evil, etc.
Peace, to me alone, is the result of justice. I do not believe that there can be any peace without justice. People will struggle against injustice in one way or another -- be it crime, violent revolution, or creating alternative systems -- in unjust countries one see's corruption everywhere, which is in reality an alternative to an unfair system... where only money will buy you something akin to justice in the face of unfair laws. I have a philosophy of Total War For Total Peace, which sounds like an oxymoron until you think about it. War has been used to create justice, which leads to peace. I mean, peace without justice is a form of appeasement -- like those who chose to make peace with the Nazi's, only to be violently invaded for their efforts.

I do not believe that violence is the answer, mind you, for most folk. In the states, peaceful protest works much better than violence. In other parts of the world, like Afganistan, if we just left, the Taliban would take over the country and yes they would be at peace, but all of their civil rights would be gone. I do not consider that worth peace. Like in Iraq, where we probably should have never invaded, but now that we are there, we have a responsibility. If we leave the country and it breaks down into a horrible civil war, the blood will be on our hands.

I believe that world peace is possible. In fact, I think it is inevitable. However, that wheel is going to take some more blood to turn. Soldiers know this. There are people in this world who are predators, and some of them are in charge of countries. I do not think that we should invade a country because we have philosophical differences, but I would have loved to have seen an invading force going into Darfur to stop the murders and rapes.

Peace is much more complicated than some people make it out to be. When I was a kid, Vietnam was raging, and it was easy to be against that war. . . now? Things have become much more complicated.
Peace is dynamic. It gets knocked off center by life in general, and intention brings us back to the core experience of it. Peace is awake, alive, not attached. Peace is an aware, knowing and discovering consciousness. Peace is holding strong in balance with centrifugal forces. Peace is a calm heart in the howling wind. Peace is a heart burning with compassion in the coolness of some other's apathy. Peace is willingness. Peace is setting the correct limit to things. Peace is living a dynamic paradox on a tightrope, and peace is rolling through green fields, laughing like a child. Peace is forgiveness.


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~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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