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As you may know, in California, many will soon be voting to legalize Marijuana, which could also ultimately lead to legalizing the industrial growth of Hemp in the United States. Hemp (a cousin of Marjiuana, also derived from the Cannabis plant) has no psychoactive effect, and has many uses including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, healthy food, and fuel. It's thought of by many as the answer to our economic/energy concerns, and could also be a powerful tool in making sure all people on the planet have access to life's basic needs. THC is the substance in Marijuana with the psychoactive effect, yet it also helps treat various diseases, and there are many who confirm that Cannabis oil (aka "Hash oil", or "THC Laden Hemp oil") cured their cancer. Although the term "Hemp" is used in different ways, generally it refers to the Cannabis crop with a very small amount of THC (not enough to get anyone high). There is much to the story, and I'm continuing to learn more, though it seems obvious that Hemp was made illegal to grow (in the United States and some other countries) not because it's related to Marijuana, but because it's a threat to quite a few industries, including cotton, paper, and oil.

With that being said, the purpose of this discussion is for us to share and learn from each other about Cannabis and all that comes from it. I'd love to know your thoughts...


Do you feel both Marijuana and the industrial growth of Hemp should be legalized everywhere? Do you think Hemp could be talked about more in mainstream media? What insight might you have to share about the whole story of Cannabis?


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I believe the plant itself can be the solution to many many problems we are having will be the people themselves to push through the corrupt industries, even pass the feds, to claim their rights to cannabis being legal and used for its variable blessings ... from the Creator to His children. A gift from God!

I applaud this conversation & pray wisdom to the masses in creating a new earth.

Love, Patricia
Although I am an ex-junkie, who started with smoking marijuana 35 years ago at age 15, and who ended up addicted to heroin for about 15 years, I have been totally drug-free now for over 3 years already.

Although I went through the hell of addiction, which was only surpassed by the hell of prison on two separate occasions and in two separate states, I do not believe it was brought on by my trying and long-term, regular, even daily use of marijuana. Furthermore, I do not believe marijuana to be the Gateway Drug, in fact I believe that if marijuana were legal, it would prevent many young people experimenting with marijuana, or even using marijuana recreationally, from coming in contact with the criminal element. This criminal element includes dealers, who not only sell marijuana, but also methamphetamines, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin and other drugs, thus bringing potentially otherwise teens and young adults who would otherwise probably stick with only using alcohol and marijuana.

For this reason, I believe that marijuana should be legalized not only for medical reasons, but for recreational purposes as well. But I am far from being alone with my opinion that marijuana should be legalized, as you will read via my article, Why Parents Should Support Legal Pot, which includes the results of the Gallop Poll, proving that a record 46% of Americans support legal marijuana, amongst other interesting facts supporting legalization.

Talk about a subject that i truly Love and believe in, this is it :)

I have been making salves, oils,chapstick and various edibles for friends and co-workers with spectacular results. Instant pain relief for muscle aches and pains, total relaxation from eating it as a cookie or candy.

With all the research that has been done and what we are finding that this herb can do, is astounding :0 THC is not the only chemical that is in marijuana. We now know of CBDs, and CBNs. These are the chemicals responsible for alot of the amazing thindgs that MJ can do. When you start really looking for the research you find that everything that we were told about MJ was false. There are studies by the National institute of health that have found that the best chemical for alzheimers is the CBDs in MJ. They say that alzheimers is like plaque building up in the brain and hardening. MJ CBD's bring back the elasticity of these areas. They are now saying that people who smoke or ingest MJ have better memories than most people. I've been smoking for 35 years and I still remember ALL of my teachers names and even my freinds first and last names from when I lived in Illinois. I moved to CO when I was 10 years old. I cherish ALL of my memories good and bad. For me MJ helped me to realize how wonderful we ALL are as not only Human Beings but as Beings period.

If you smoke MJ, heres a couple of thoughts to ponder while your feeling good.

A) Think about how YOU are the creator of your own thoughts and that the more positive your thoughts are the more aware you will become of your own Being :) I hope so at least, remember you are the creator of your thoughts.

B) Realize that you are sharing an experience with another aspect of Being. Everything all around us is Being. You define what Being is to YOU :)


Peace, Love and Happiness for ALL :)

Thank you for pointing out the other chemicals in
marijuana. The government blew it with Marinol, using
only THC.  I could go on and on about how
ridiculous and greedy and controlling the government
is...but we all know that.  The Earth would sustain
us if we quit destroying it with man made BS.

Here is everybody's favorite song:


I think using hemp could be much much better the using oil. yes as I read online it is much useful make other things better. I feel cotton is still needed it could sell a long using hemp for making good products cotton could be used with hemp or experimented with it. it could make a difference in our world then using oil that will ruin our waters.
I feel that both should be legalized due to the many benefits that both products have.  The only reason it's not is the govt & big corporations do not like to have extra competition and money taken away from their already over stuffed wallets. And then they wonder why so many people turn to other forms of pain relief and then get called drug seekers or try and make a living on selling hand made hemp jewelry and then turn around and get in trouble for it.  Its time for big brother to get a wake up call and then get kicked out for being a free loader.


‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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