Feed your brother! Go outside and give him a coat, food, a kiss, a hug and love! this holiday join the great give-a-way, for there is no other way to knowing the path of the red road, the law of love! It's going to be a rough year for everyone, so my beloved family, find space in your heart to move into action and assist someone during the holiday season and even into the new year. This winter is expected to be colder than ever. True peace only comes with knowing love...

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My goal is to help someone everyday of my life. Little by little you can create a change in the world that can spread and transform others lives. Be Good, Do Good, Feel Good....

Rev. Dan
Thank you for your response for homelessness Rev. Daniel Thomas Smith!
To be a community servant is not always easy, but Rainbow Warriors we will be!
aho may your spirit fly

We will be starting a Radio Show soon, if you want to participate, let me know!
Hi! white Buffalo Calf Woman

Tell me more about the radio show and how I could Help you with it.

Rev. Dan
Rev. Dan,
Did we pick up on this? Did you want to participate in the Radio Show. My husband Holiness David was searching (google) and you came up on the hit.

There is much to do, but each have their own skills. We have 24 hours, to fill. You tell me what you want to do. And Like I said above, join us to discuss issues. I can not always get to, and my presets I will have to change. I thought I was following groups, but this is a discussion, so I will change it.

Love, calf woman
How can anyone be homeless when this is our home, when our heart are our home, when our friends become home?

As long as we have eyes of love that look back at us, we are home.

Peace & Blessings!
Yes my beloved Loretta "Lara" Allen,
you have the heart that longs for love, i can see this. But homelessness is a huge problems. We are all vacant within and do not share our hearts with others. If fact most cover their hearts up, i have even had a member from mypeacetv joined us, express her heart, then left because I shared her heart. She deleted email messages from the database all to cover up her feelings.

There is no way this person is at home. She is homeless, vacant without love. She is not looking backwards at all. I know that looking back gives us memories, but tears give us life.

No person should be without shelter or shade. These simple commodities are not available when people are thrown in jail for wearing baggy pants and being homeless. Such abuses is not love, but we are going home now into Heaven and Earth. We just need everyone to remember who they are.

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman
elder crystal person
ps. we live on the streets (motorhome) with the homeless and the only persons who commit crimes are the Policemen who are sworn in to protect our lives. Now there are abused homeless in every city in the world when empty houses are available. We are working diligently with Elders, Community Services and Broadcast. If you want to do more, ask...

A song below to share the way...

Enjoy Divine Imagination and Love

Audio Holy Peace Vocals available each week at

HolinessPeacePrayerSong 04032009.b.wav

Venue: HolinessPeaceVocals
Title: Lakota My Heart,

the House of the Beloved where the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Stand

with the Spirit of the Lake


Down the road I travel, It's the Red Road I go.
It's my blood that flowing forever told.

We are a story that we each embrace.
My light grows with you deep inside we fly.

It's returning home this day, we've been gone for so long.
In front of me my heart grows fond of the red of road
in front of me, the journey of the embrace.

Let me tell you a story and story how to be free.
I will fill your heart with glory and know love with thee.
It's a shiny shore on the other side, it's dark shore at home,
but when we put them all together we have a shining shore.

Well the dark side said, "how are you?" I'm beauty and creation pure
and the Light side said, " I'm here my love, I come to gift you pure.
So darkness met the lightness and their hearts grow and blossom pure
and light grew within the well of life and God was born for sure.
A dream is born a child today and heaven and earth inside.
He (luminous) believed the journey the red road to come,

the heart the pure inside. The dream the pure inside.

So now darkness met the lightness and they had a child.
It's dream kept them going to journey all the while
and time past before them and they looked upon the other side.
And they grew, dreamed and journeyed so they could look behind.
So they could look behind

And in the space behind, they left behind the time and the stories.
They could not hold them anywhere but in the heart they bear,
but in the heart they bear.

So lightness met the darkness and a child was born a dream,
and time they carried in their hearts and now the house was born,
and now they journeyed together and they flowed and reflection was born.
The blue of you and me was here, the ocean of a story, an ocean of family.

So the darkness with creation met the lightness of her dreams,

and then they had a creation a child that filled their dreams,
and then they took the time and they pulled it in their heart,
and then it born a reflection. A family came to life.
Now how do i protect this, a warrior a true is born.

I give you sight to see the truth and prophet to give us glory.
Tomorrow will be born, tomorrow will be born.

So darkness she is a flower and lightness he gives to thee and the
past they carry the hearts embrace and a dream was born from thee.
They made a family reflecting love and then they protect the righteous pure.

This was the birth of family the perfect, pure and proud
and so we reach upon the realm. We reach the mighty pure.
We find the top of the mountain and we reach the light of pure,
and we reach the realm for more.

I have the one who carries all the stories, he's the voice,

the mighty the one that's strong. He (luminous) bears all the mighty,

his force the Army of God. He tells us all we must reach the other shore.

The other shore where heaven comes
and holiness is mighty and pure, where light touches the ground.
Where light touches the ground, where light touches the ground.

So I tell you the story, did you like my story?

And, i tell you the darkness she 's so beautiful.
And I tell you that the lightness he is so gorgeous pure

and i tell you yesterday, my heart I cannot endure,

I endure, I endure for love and the story continues.
We have a dream and it's born and it gives it light and it

carry my family the reflection of this love and i give it strength to endure.

I give my Whitey (One Pure Light) Warrior Vision to see the truth of the day
and the Mighty Warrior that guides us to the other side the realm

of the mighty and pure. So every day you look upon the garden and you

see the Holiness that's pure. The light that guides us every day in the dream

of God's pure garden that we endure. It's love we remember yesterday

and the dream that is born within inside and we carry it tomorrow to the

other shore to live the Gold (Golden Dream) inside.

The dream that's born inside the dream

that carries me to the other side.

(very low note) To the other side,
I take my step
and I remember my heartbeat
I take my step
and I remember my heartbeat
I take my step
and I remember I dream

I dream
I dream
I dream


Sacred Drum played and the Sound of the step, Red Road, by Holiness Running Eagle

Singing the heart of the reflection by white buffalo calf woman


‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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