Hi ! Peace to you Dear Peace lovers around the World,

Tomorrow is the Day 6th August to commemorate the UNWANTED Sowing of the MUSHROOM seed 64 years earlier in Hiroshima, its Fusion Created the Sorrowful rapture ever known to mankind, its yield The Deadliest, not in Units, Tens, Thousand, Ten Thousand, BUT........... . . . ,The testimony of the Pilot who drooped the Atomic Bomb speaks the volume of destruction caused by the immense Clouds of Mushroom, Heat energy released with the rays of radio active light reaching up to the Aircraft in the sky itself. " Their human conscious admitted there mistake and made them pray for the Subjects " This act of pray is enough as proof to dismantle all Nuclear Weapons in the World. This is a fact and proof the World has Witnessed, this evidence is enough for the United Nation, EU, NAM, and other Citizens of the World to Uproot and destroy all Nuclear War Heads, before it strikes again ?

My Sympathy to all who died in Hiroshima/Nagasaki

Ignatius Xavier
Ahimsa Artist

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~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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