As this site is full of people that want to make a difference in the world, and want to spread their light, and positive energies, I would like to start what I call "Giving Light Namelessly." This is what you will need....

1. Love for everything and everyone
2. A Pen
3. A calendar
4. An Idea

Grab your calendar and your pen, close your eyes, randomly mark on a day of the month in the calendar. When you open your eyes, write "Give Light Namelessly" on that date. Brainstorm acts of love that you can do for someone you normally would not encounter on an open basis, such as a stranger, or even someone you are trying to come to terms with on a conflict. When you carry out this giving of light, focus on the unity and love you wish to see in the world, and imagine yourself slowly weaving the web together of wandering souls, and detached minds. Some ideas of what you can do...
write an anon. letter that is simply stated, such as "It will be ok", "Peace" ,"God Loves You", or other small words that you personally feel would shed light on someones life.
copy a meaningful quote of hope and inspiration and place where someone will find it unexpectedly.
Hug a random person (with their permission)..suprisingly people dont react to this as oddly as you would imagine..if you have a knack for reading peoples emotional state, pick someone that needs the embrace.
Tell someone Thank you for being you, and mean it genuinely, not like a generic hallmark card, lol.

There are so many little things that can change a persons outlook on life, and acts of love, and giving of light are the best ways open someones eyes to hope and inspiration.

If you decide to take part in this, please post your date, idea, and experience.... Be creative, My ideas above are just a rough idea. Peace, and good luck spreading your light :)

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This is a great idea, but why limit it to one day? I mean, the impact of thousands of people doing sharing their light all together is undoubtedly tremendous, but I try to practice random acts of kindness every day. There' that.
I agree completely to not limiting it to just one day :). Personally, I cannot have a "good" day without making someone else smile, or making someone else feel genuinely special. With so many people though caught up in the rush of life, this puts giving in perspective. Sadly, not many people have found the joy of giving hope or inspiration to others every day, as you have. Peace :)

The first step in the right direction for anyone! I Love It!

Rev. Dan
I love your words and ideas. Every morning I search for inspirational or funny quotes and post them on Twitter and Facebook. If I get even just one small smile a day, I know it's worthwhile . . .

Little acts of kindness, sprinkled here and there throughout the day, is rewarding for everyone. Just to let someone cash out before you when shopping, or to hold the door open, or even just a simple smile, are great ways to share the love and light we all carry for one another.


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