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As you know, there are a variety of ways to help all those affected by the Earthquake in Haiti. Let's use this discussion area to make suggestions as to which organizations to donate to, and to also share our loving prayers and thoughts. If you haven't donated yet, I suggest you go to or with your mobile phone you could text "Haiti" to 90999 (this will send a $10 donation to the Red Cross). What other organizations do you think would be good to donate to?

As we send our Love, may the people of Haiti, all of Humanity and the Earth (including all the animals) experience that which is the highest good for All.

In Unity,
Yaron and The MyPeace.TV Team

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My advise would be to skip the text message i.e. until you pay your bill the Red Cross will not see a dime... I would also avoid using a Credit Card i.e. the CC company will take out their transaction fees... A good old fashoin check or in my case I used my banks bill pay option to send it...

Salvation Army is always a good choice to send funds
Yes, Yaron, there are a variety of ways we can help.
I don't know how can I do that, but I do know you're right... I can.
Shalll I philosophy before hearing other's opinions?
I might.
Shall that help?
It might. By doing nothing I wouldn't feel myself compromised with their pain.
Either way... doing nothing.... for sure... won't help at all.
So... as I believe there is nothing I could do, but as I surelly agree with you: there is something to be done... and by me... answering to your proposition, I strongly manifest my support to USA, Brazil and France, in their compromises to be there for this people, hurt in their most profund believes (in real), that only fraternity will bring them up back to their feet.
War didn't kill that many people there.
Conflicts didn't harm that many people there.
Nature... as we skepticals believe... didn't choose them as examples...
I fell their pain as mine.
I do not believe in prays, but in actions.
My action is ... to feel sad, deeply sad ... about their lives.
My personnal way of helping them is to feel happy with governments actions helping them.
I do not know if that would be enough, but I do believe that supporting countries on their compromises and actions towards their reliefs will bring faster harmony back to this particular suffering country.
And ... once again you're right... by feeling what I felt.... I can say I love them.
In Unity.
This is not a pray, but a feeling. I cry. I suffer.
They, the dead, are brothers of mine too.
At least four of the major cell phone providers who are accepting donations have said they will make immediate contributions based on the committments received. One is reciprocating on a 100% basis, another (Sprint) will donate 80% immediately and the remainder when the funds are collected. Also I agree the Red Cross can rival perhaps even governmental outreach efforts. I've also discovered others who have had relief efforts and organizations in Haiti prior to the earthquake and seem worthy and capable of reaching people. Oxfam has been prominently mentioned. Artists for Peace and Justice ( support outstanding work. And then the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund ( on FB) has been there since 2004. I believe Haiti will need visionary agrarian reform post-disaster, and I wish we could lobby organizations to utilize organically grown foodstuffs in relief efforts.
And then, there's being in action. Allowing the Being to bring about the Doing.

I am sending money to the JDC (Jewish Joint Distribution Committee). Israel had a team of people helping in Haiti within two days. No excuses about ports or airports. Just there. Making a difference. Person by person. Getting supplies and help to these people is what's important, and doing that in a way that is regulated and honest matters. JDC - You can contribute through a synagogue or any Federation of Associated Jewish Charities across America.

Also, I request that we allow ourselves to be mindful six months, one year, two years from now. It will take quite awhile and quite an effort to rebuild from this damage.

Re: Red Cross~
I keep reading blogs that indicate the Red Cross is limited on supplies and equipment. Too, there are all the complaints from the Red Cross as well as our military about how difficult it is to get into Haiti. While that's clearly an impediment, what's also true is that people have come, supplies have landed and the efforts must continue for our brothers and sisters on this tiny piece of land.

Anyhow, other than going over there yourself, the JDC is a viable option for donations.

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Buy the song, help Oxfam help Haiti

Here the song and see the commercial here:
Food For Life - the world's largest vegetarian/vegan food relief organization -


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