A group in the Fla. Keys is making great progress in introducing Community Peace Parks. Check out their website  The Coral Shores High School students in Key Largo, started a  Peace Alliance; approached the County Parks, and have asked to put an area in each park designated  " Community Peace Parks " with seating and a bronze plaque that will read:  We are all Keys To Peace. Their other locations already in place include 3 churches and a garden center.Yesterday, it was my honor to approach the Key West Garden Club, and ask to put the same seating, and bronze plaque in their garden. But we have added another feature to bring attention. A Peace Bell made out of a decommissioned scuba diving tank; all primed and ready for me to give to a local artist to paint, and be hung next to the bench. A dedication is planned as soon as we get the plaque back from the foundry, and tank painted. It will be the Southernmost Community Peace Park in America. Yoko Ono is coming to Fairchild Garden soon, to set up a Wishing Grove Tree / art exhibit. We are trying to contact her, to be present at the dedication, and possibly autograph a Peace Bell for us to auction off. The contact for Keys To Peace is Denise Downing. Her email is: or her phone is: 305 619-0534. Get on board. Love & Peace, Peacekeeper Jeannie

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Does anyone have any ideas how to contact Yoko Ono?


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