What does peace feel like? I mean really. I know you cannot put it into words but can you feel it? Have you ever felt peace? what exactly is the experience of it? again...i know you cannot put that into words. but do you feel it now when you remember it? and if so...what does it feel like? does it have a sound? is it influencing those around you? and if you do not feel it now, does it exist beyond your feeling? plus...regardless of all at peace now :) forever now :) one love all :) be well my friends :)

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Perhaps there will come a day and we all will find out what Peace feels like.
Much love!
yep. a day that never ends and is accessable even now in the moment. smiles.
yes. forever now =)
Thank you =)
The closest thing I have seen that would describe the feeling of peace is over on youtube:

The Amazing Music Machine

I had a vision or experience like this deep in my own brain one evening about 20 years ago and it was wonderful. I felt true joy for weeks.
thanks. have you put that on yet?
yes that sounds like a very very beautiful experience.
how love provides! =)
thank you for sharing love =)
For me the greatest inner peace is when I feel deep acceptance and deep gratitude for the present moment. Life has shown me that without down, I couldn't appreciate or define up..without right, I couldn't appreciate or define left...without the experience of sadness I couldn't appreciate or define happiness...and without a world that has extreme violence/poverty I wouldn't be able to appreciate and define a world that has evolved beyond extreme violence/poverty. I can see that there is a purpose for each extreme (each extreme exists to define the other), and I can also see that we do not have to repeat one extreme over and over again so that we can define and appreciate it's opposite. For example, I do not have to drink ten vodka shots again to appreciate and define NOT getting so drunk! :)
And we do not have to continually repeat the painful cycles on our planet in order to appreciate and define what it's like when we evolve beyond them. For me, inner peace is when this understanding is more than just conceptual, but experiential..experienced with my whole being..beyond words (though words can point to it)..a deep Acceptance..a deep Gratitude & Love...a feeling of deep connection and Oneness with all life...a celebration of the Oneness!....the Oneness of all that is seen and unseen...the Formless Spirit experiencing itself through all forms and relationships...All One...Life Force...Everywhere...ALLways...All One.

Namaste :)
Namaste indeed brother. All Love :)
Something for everyone :)
i was standing outside the other day, and as god writes poetry, a flock of birds passed overhead. they were formless and gracefully in time, all at once. a paradox in the duality of life. as they passed, i allowed them into my soul. i closed my eyes and felt the birds fly through me, creating grace and leaving a wake of peace across my heart. as i am me as you are he as you are me and we are all together, i'm sure they flew through yours as well. :)
Thanks Love :)


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